First Impressions: KUL/Kuala Lumpur

KUL – to most West Malaysians – is home.

KUL/Kuala Lumpur is imprinted on the plane tickets we hold as we make our way home. It is where our passports allow us to stroll right in with the simplified custom version of the automated passport control kiosk.

As a student studying abroad, it signifies everything I am leaving behind as well as the opportunity I have been given. Being in America made me realise how people mean different things when they talk about giving minorities a voice, we as Asians, what more South East Asians, are not given that chance. So, with much frustration of not having anything relatable on most major media outlets (Ben Stiller, director and one of the writers of Zoolander, our prime minister has never been Chinese. Fact-check.), I have decided to launch this website as a platform for Malaysian youths. This is where you can showcase your talent, voice your opinions and share your experiences. There is so much potential in all of us that has yet to be explored. Enough with the white washed mixed identities, torn between believing in your country enough to stand for change and wanting to leave it for brighter pastures. A revolution is brewing and we are lucky enough to witness it. Change is coming. Can you feel it?


The first step of the website is of course creating content in order to show people what we are about, after all, you don’t know anything about us. As we are in the early stages of this website, much of the content would be created by my fellow American Degree Program friends and some who are back home eating up the best food in the world on a daily basis. Hey, I am bias, what can I say? We are excited to show you what is in store. This month, we are reflecting on summer amongst thoughts on KL. I hope you find fragments of yourself in some of these pieces. We look forward to hearing from all of you, both constructive criticism and compliments are welcome.

Image credit: Amanda Chan


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