Visual Diary: Summer Reflection

6 months ago, I was juggling between my final semester in Inti College as well as applying for universities in America. Now here I am, 6 months later, in the university I am striving to get my degree. Two weeks before departure, I was saying my goodbyes to everyone and feeling overwhelmed by the fact that I’m leaving this country I’ve been living in for 19 years. Preparing myself mentally and physically isn’t easy.

My last summer in Malaysia has been nothing but a great journey. In just 3 months, I’ve been utilizing my time well by going to places such as Perhentian Island, searching for abandoned rail tracks, participating in the biggest ultimate frisbee tournament, going on a road trip to Puncak Alam, spending time with my frisbee team, dearest friends and family. I was finally ready.

3 weeks ago, I left Malaysia and went on a 23-hour journey all by myself for the first time. I’ve never done this alone so it’s definitely a new experience. Surviving the plane ride has been one of the toughest things I have ever done, considering I get airsick easily, BUT I managed to do it. (Putting that into my resumé.)

Philadelphia has been nothing but amazing. It’s a whole new world in the States. I managed to settle down with the help of my brother and his girlfriend. I did get homesick once in a while but it didn’t overwhelm me much because I just had so much to do, such as attending international orientation week, mingling with people, visiting places, working on my videos and getting involved with school activities.

I’ve also managed to take a day trip to Washington D.C with the other international students. I stood before those precious monuments feeling all humbled and heavy hearted due to the rich history.

When being in a new country with a new and unfamiliar environment, you just got to make the best out of it. Suck it up and get accustomed to the culture as soon as possible. You have no one but yourself when you’re out all alone. Be independent. You decide your future.

That’s a wrap. If you have captured some moments this summer and would like to submit it to us, email us at

Feature image by Adrienne Yap.