A Timeline: East Coast/West Coast

East Coast – Marsya, A Day In Manhattan
5 a.m. – Attempted to wake up early to see the sunrise in NYC. Failed.

8 a.m. – Got up, wandered around a two block radius of the hotel to look for “New Yorkian” food. Found a Starbucks. It’s from Seattle.


9 a.m. – Went to catch our tour bus in front of the Museum of Natural History. The tour bus took us uptown all the way to downtown NYC. We passed by rows of apartments owned by long-dead celebrities or long-suffering now dead presidents and I thought to myself: “Wow, one day I would love to have tour buses pass by places I’ve been and have my name be used by the tour guide for a quick laugh.”


11 a.m. – Stopped for a quick trip to the Museum of The City of New York, the only museum out of all museums on the Upper East Side my mum and I had enough time to see. The tour bus passed by the Metropolitan Art Museum and the Guggenheim Museum, in which I felt my heart die a little from not being able to go in.


1 p.m. (-ish) – Do you ever get those moments during a holiday where you become utterly aware that it is just a holiday? This might sound a little strange, but that happened to me on the bus. I became hyper-aware that I will be starting school in a new place soon and I am so, so, so frightened of the future and whether I’ll make any friends and – Oh wow the Statue of Liberty!!


3 p.m. – Had lunch by the pier and went on the Hornblower (I giggled a little and I don’t know why) ship to take a cruise around the isle. Too many people paying too little attention to the history of NYC.


7 p.m. – Wandered around the city after dinner by walking along The High Line, looking at taxis go by, and strolling through the markets as they closed.

12 a.m. – Fell asleep in the city that never sleeps.


West Coast – Adrienne, A Day In San Francisco
8 a.m. – Hopped onto the wrong bus, only to be taken to the opposite direction of my intended destination.

9 a.m. – After two buses and a 15-minute walk later, I finally arrived at my friend’s apartment in Nob Hill. Off we went to the BART station.

12 p.m. – Hours of running errands later, one of which included rummaging through my sole possessions in America after an entire summer of it being in my friend’s garage, we’re finally back in the city.

2 p.m. – Explored Russian Hill in search for froyo and stumbled upon my new favorite bookstore. They have everything by Murakami and Sick In The Head by Judd Apatow. My self-control was severely challenged, but I walked out with nothing. #win

5 p.m. – Took the most strenuous route on my way to a BBQ. Hiked up two incredibly steep hills only to be on the bottom of the most crooked street in San Francisco. It was definitely a sight to behold and the view on top of that hill was nothing short of spectacular.

8 p.m. – Off to our second BBQ of the night in a whole other continent. It took us an hour to get there. When I told my friends back home, one of them said, “Damn, it’s like me going to Seremban from KL for a party.” Yes, that shit cray.

1 a.m. – Crashed. West Coast, best coast? You decide.


There’s a 3-hour time difference between the East Coast and West Coast. It’s a 5-hour flight from L.A to NYC. Yes, America is huge. Now you know.

Feature image by Adrienne Yap. All photos were taken by their respective writers. 


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