Photo Diary: Laman Seni

Laman Seni, the words roll off my tongue as I write this post. They are two beautiful words that individually, Laman (park) and Seni (art), stand for possibilities. Yes, possibilities. In the current slew of new developments branded with fancy, gilded, or pompous English names in order to sound majestic, I find Laman Seni absolutely refreshing.

I know street art and people’s opinion of it is controversial and polarizing, but one has got to admire the sheer ingenuity of transforming a dreary back alley – and if you especially watch a lot of Malay dramas like I do, you know that shit happens in a back alley – into a tourist attraction. Here, you don’t have to be shy about taking OOTDs or Instagram-worthy photos. I promise, everyone here is working on their VSCOCam x Instagram feed. So relax, let loose and take as many photos as your heart (and phone memory) desires.

Laman Seni currently has made its home in the back alleys of Seksyen 7 and Seksyen 2 in Shah Alam. Open 24 hours, but ill-advised to go at night unless you have a bomb-ass camera with upscale low-light settings. (And a flashlight with the addition of a pepper spray. You know, just in case.)

The installations are constantly changing, so what you see here may have been removed. 

Photos by Marsya Mohd Johari & Adrienne Yap. All exclusively taken on film.


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