Not Your Typical Beachwear

When our editor, Adrienne, showed me a photo TTFGA posted at this mysterious desert somewhere in Malaysia two years ago, we knew we had to find it. No one wanted to disclose the location of this desert, so I had to find it on my own. 

As soon as I got to know the photo was taken at a local beach in Melaka, Pantai Klebang to be precise, I knew I had to go there ASAP. My friends and I stumbled upon it one day by chance. At the time, not many people knew about the place, It was hard getting there, our car sank into the sand and we were stuck there for three hours but thanks to the knowledge of physics, we got out.

Since this location has been such a hit among students and newlyweds, they’ve commercialised the place so it’s easier to park your car without it sinking. When Adrienne told me she was coming down to Melaka during her summer break, I knew I had to bring her here. We’ve been having mini photoshoots since we were 16, how could I pass another shoot with her now that we’re 20?

Both pieces worn here are from thrift stores. Credits to XinJun and Adrienne for being in front of the camera. 


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