Tau Tak? | 9/2015

As we try to wrap our heads around the fact that it has been a month since the launch of KUL, we rounded up some of our favourite finds this month. Well, although one of which is not favourable at all. In no particular order:


Photos: 60s

My grandmother was born in 1939 and came from a well-to-do family. Her parents were Anglo-Indian (English and Northern Indian) as well as German. She loved singing  and dancing; sequins and all things sparkly.

Recently, my mum went to my grandma’s old house in PJ to collect some old stuff. She found a box full of old photos, so naturally we sat down to go through all of them. Damn, I always knew my grandma was beautiful but I didn’t know how beautiful she was when she was in her teens/20’s.

Looking through these photos made me yearn to buy a film camera of my own to document my life, so that when I’m a grandma, I can show all my grandchildren these photos in hopes that they would love them as much as I did my grandma’s. They weren’t kidding when they said photos last a lifetime. – Tasha Iman


Film: Kil

What happens when you throw in a depressed boy with a manic pixie dream girl into a film that has a plot twist at the end? Life alteration. Personally, the script made me cringe, mainly because I can’t handle awkward flirting, but I do like the fact that the Malaysian film industry does offer something else other than horror/comedy and love triangles. It addresses mental illness in young adults, which seems to be a taboo amongst society. If you like All The Bright Places by Jennifer Niven, which everyone should read, you’ll love this too. – Marini Ash

Song: Senyuman by Menikmati

This song speaks to me on so many different levels, the head-bopping beat, the laidback vocals, and the fact that it’s entirely in Malay. Every time I listen to it, I find something new to love about it. It is tremendously refreshing when surrounded by people who exclusively listen to American hip-hop. Shout out to Amanda Chan for adding this into my mixtape. You’ll love this track if you like: the Portlandia theme song and Blood Orange. – Adrienne Yap


Fashion: Against Lab

Against Lab is a new streetwear label on the jalan and I am in love with it. Its debut collection is titled ‘The Eyes Are Watching’ so everyone should be able to grasp what the inspiration behind it was, but in case your processor is slow: a well-designed reminder that Big Brother is always watching — I’m a conspiracy enthusiast, I eat this shit up. I also love that the designers didn’t play with a monotone palette and the tote bag is giving me life, fuhhrealz. – Rathika Sheila 

Video: You Love KL? by The Bat Cave ft. Nadhira, Pa’an(AMPG)

If you’re a fan of Hip-hop/Rap, you’re going to want to check out The Bat Cave. Their latest release You Love KL? is anything but your typical anthem for our sweet nation. With its stories of struggle and hope in Klang Valley, the rap group tells us that they were inspired by Pulp Fiction, so Tarantino fans, keep an eye out. (Ed’s note: It’s not hard to spot.) The video portrays KL in a darker light, reminding me a lot of Fixi’s KL Noir. In contrast to other local songs romanticising life in KL city, The Bat Cave paints a picture of the city one simply can’t look away. – Amanda Chan


Event: Cintas Sexis/Cinta Feminis

A panel discussion held during Art For Grabs, a mini art festival, on the 13th of September where sexist local films and videos were juxtaposed with those that had better portrayals of women. (Note: There weren’t as many of the latter out there as we all hoped. Booo). The panelists included filmmaker Amanda Nell Eu, sex educationist June Low, poet Liyana Dizzy, Sisters In Islam executive director Ratna Osman, and an editor from Coconut KL Words Manifest. The panel covered issues such as feminism, sexism, and women’s rights in Islam. Hearing the panelists talk so passionately and intensely about these issues moved me so much that my inner feminist wanted to cry out of joy. It was comforting seeing most of the seats in the audience filled not only with women but some men too. This panel raised awareness on social issues that we shouldn’t avoid talking about. – Amanda Chan

Weather: Thunderstorms

I’ve always enjoyed sleeping in and cuddling during thunderstorms. There’s a super zen aspect of it when you hear raindrops atop your head. It rarely rains over here in Bozeman, Montana. Despite the cold weather, sleeping in is not the same. (Ed’s note: Embrace monsoon season kids, because some of us may never experience those rainy mornings again.) – Alicia Leow 

Fact: Milo

I don’t know if this is something that everybody has found out, but Milo is not from Malaysia. It is actually from Australia. The one drink that I always associated to be Malaysian was founded by an Australian dude and named it after the Greek mythical character, Milo, who was always known for his strength. I feel like my whole life has been a lie. *experiences existential crisis* – Mistika Idris

That’s a wrap! We hope the Milo fact didn’t hit you as hard as it did to us. 


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