October ’15

Apa khabar to those reading this right now. I’m barely surviving this fall semester. Drake & Future’s mixtape is the only thing keeping me going as of late. San Francisco is getting colder each day, I don’t know how you people in the East Coast do it. To those back home, god speed. I’ve seen photos of the haze and good lord, it looks awful. Load up on water, especially those infused with lemon to remove toxins.

If you are new to KUL Magazine, check out our categories to see what links up to your interests. So far, we’ve touched on the Malaysian economy, a beauty kit to beat the heat, lots of visuals from all over the world, a nasi lemak recipe for those living abroad and places to go on dates. We have lots more in store for all of you this month, particularly a strictly local playlist that we think you guys would love.

It’s only been a month since the birth of KUL and I am consistently amazed by the response we have received, particularly towards Amanda’s piece on the local music scene. It goes to show that there is a gap that has yet to be filled. I hope that at least one of our posts resonate with you. If nothing does, let us know what we are missing or send in your ideas and we can make something happen.

Finally, I wanna express my gratitude to my kickass team for being the best people in the world. Ribuan terima kasih. Seriously, I could not have pulled this off without all of you. A huge thank you to those who contributed as well, specifically Muhammed Syed of Seven People and Amani for taking over our Instagram. Both of you have such great eyes for photography.

All right, dah. I hope that all of you will stick around for the ride.

Submit any ideas and feedback to contact[at]thisiskul.com. Whatever you wanna express, we will help you say it loud and proud. Leave comments so we know what we’re doing right/wrong or if we don’t sound local! We can take it. 


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