Weather Forecast: October ’15

With more than half the team currently residing in the United States of America, we thought it would be interesting to see the contrast between those choking on the haze and those surviving the four seasons.

This month, the latter are facing that problematic transition between summer and autumn. It is awkwardly chilly, as they contemplate bringing a jacket, deciding against it and ultimately feeling cold for the rest of the day. The leaves are dying and sunlight is scarce. We wish them the best of luck, but for now, let’s see how well they’re doing style-wise.

But first, checking in with those in KL:

ZoeNgZoé Ng | Kuala Lumpur

River Island on ASOS cropped top, Raoul high-waisted silk pants, Charles & Keith maroon shoes
The awful haze is almost gone, so let’s celebrate clear skies with an easy outfit that’s feminine and current. Crop tops are always a good idea, but if you’re a little conscious about showing off your food baby like I am, opt for some high waisted pants that aren’t too tight around the stomach area (so you can also eat all the food and still look totes fab) that shows off just a hint of skin, but nothing too OTT. Pair this look with your favorite patent dress shoes in hues of the same colour family and you’re good to go.


Amanda Chan | Kuala Lumpur

Cotton On windbreaker, Monki turtleneck crop top and pants, Nike sneakers, Bag from Pop @ Jaya One

I’ve been wearing this lightweight windbreaker from Cotton On so often. I love it. Lately, the haze has gotten so bad that fellow Malaysians have been praying for rain every day. How often I wear this “represents” my preparedness if it ever does rain. May the haze go away.

RathikaRathika Sheila | Kuala Lumpur

Dorothy Perkins top & jacket, Marks & Spencer pants, H&M shoes, Charles & Keith bag

I’ve been attracted to coats and long jackets of late, which isn’t practical when you’re in a country that has seasons like heat, haze, and rain. Obviously, that won’t stop me!

TashaTasha Iman | Melaka

Glassons top, Forever 21 pants, Cotton On sandals, watch from Lovisa  

Living in a country where it’s either scorching hot and humid or gloomy and heavy rain, the best way to go about your day is to stick to the basics. These past few days, the heat has been crazy in Malacca. Thank God the haze has cleared up a little! I decided to wear flowy everything and a pair of sandals. My outfit didn’t make it any less humid, but at least I got Peranakan food and the beach out of it.

Now onto the kids on the other side of the globe. In order of those closest to the East Coast all the way to the Bay Area of the West Coast:

SheenaSheena Liam | New York City

ASOS coat, Topshop blouse, Nasty Gal culottes, Nike Roshes 

You probably can’t tell because it’s all black, but I’m in layers. The weather really changed up in New York all of a sudden, because of the hurricane. A girl has to bundle up.

MarsyaMarsya Mohd. Johari | Michigan

Forever 21 beanie, Hot Topic t-shirt, Charlotte Russe skirt, bag from the Chicago Institute of Art, Topshop sandals

The controversial Michigan crazy coldness hasn’t quite hit Lansing yet (Thank God) so I’m celebrating by wearing out all my light clothing till then. Beanie to hide greasy hair? Check! T-shirt of a favorite film that can help start a conversation? Check! And finally, a huge tote bag to dump everything and anything inside? Check! I solemnly dub thee my default college combo.

MariniMarini Ash | Minneapolis

H&M turtleneck, Forever 21 culottes, boots

I am a big fan of turtlenecks. You can throw it on over anything or even under dresses and you’re good to go. When they had this burnt orange color in H&M and what with it being fall, I couldn’t say no!

AisarAisar Qairizad | Nebraska

Jacket from bundle, Cotton On t-shirt, Topman jeans, Vans shoes

I walk out the door only to be greeted by a pang of chill. By midday, it is blazing hot. The seniors were right, the weather here is bipolar. God bless us all.

YPAdrienne Yap | San Francisco

Beaded choker from Sabah, thrifted shirt, Topshop overalls, Nasty Gal tote, Nike sneakers 

The heat wave is all too real here in NorCal. Usually by late September, we would be wrapped up in a multitude of layers yet we are still in shorts. Even in a light cotton shirt and overalls, I was sweating buckets. Once the sun bid farewell, Karl the Fog rolled in and a light jacket was needed. Oh, San Francisco, how your unpredictable weather never ceases to make me scoff in disgust.

We hope you fellow Malaysians are holding up well wherever you are. Want to showcase your looks? Use the hashtag #ThisIsKUL on Instagram and you may very well end up in our next weather forecast. 


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