Photo Diary: Abandoned Field

It’s been a hectic past two weeks in college. Honestly, I’ve been nothing short of exhausted. My semester is ending in a few weeks, thank god, phew. Soon, my roommates will be graduating soon. So, we decided to go for a drive in search of a spot to take photos.

At first, they wanted to go to the “desert” in Pantai Klebang, but when we arrived, we saw how many people were there. “Nah, man”, it was unanimous. We drove around Klebang and found this empty field. I guess I tried to turn nothing into something pretty.

I don’t know the exact location of this field, cause we stumbled upon it. What I can tell you is that it is close to Pantai Klebang. Honestly, it’s just an empty field filled with lalang. I’m pretty sure you can find lalang anywhere. You just gotta make the best of what you have. Pro tip: bring your camera everywhere you go, you’ll never know when a photo opportunity will come by.

Featuring Mia and Yasmin in front of the camera. 


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