Treat Yourself: Be Good

The moment I stepped out of the airplane, I could feel the moisture in the air cling onto me. It was as if I happened to stroll through a lawn with the sprinklers turned on. The lack of humidity in San Francisco was palpable upon arrival in KLIA. The transition was not kind to my lips. Good lord, were they in dire need of hydration. I was at a loss as nothing I used seem to work.

That is until a good friend, Amanda Chan, introduced me to Be Good To. We were at a bazaar in Bangsar selling locally made items. Every store had an array of beautifully made items. When I saw the Be Good To stall, I could not contain my excitement. I opened every sample jar on display multiple times just to get a whiff of their deliciously yet organically scented products. If you are ever so lucky to chance upon their stall, definitely stop by and say hi. It didn’t hurt that their prices are ridiculously affordable. Think: RM8 for a lip balm and RM12 for a lip scrub. Yes, if you can afford Lush, you can afford this.

After pining for a lip scrub for ages, I was glad I waited this long. After being torn between the Vanilla Cookies and Afternoon Tea, I decided on the latter scent. How does it smell? Imagine an afternoon by the pool. A carefree schedule. Iced cold lemonade in one hand to keep you cool from the sun. Toes dipping ever so slightly into the deep end.

This jar contained at least half a year’s worth of lip scrub. I would never ever run out! With an expiry date in mind though. Before we left, they told us to store it in the refrigerator before it expires to maintain its freshness.

The verdict? I noticed a significant difference by scrubbing my lips every week. They were softer and rarely chapped anymore. Matte lipstick actually looked good on me again. Just a tiny bit is good enough for your entire lip. After two months of consistent use, I barely made a dent. As the ingredients are all natural and I had a lot of it leftover, I added it into some solid coconut oil from Trader Joe’s and used it as a body scrub. I simply CANNOT emphasize how soft my skin was. Usually after a thorough scrub down, my skin would be baby soft for a day, but this lasted three days. I was sold.


Mint Breeze is the little pick-me-up you need after a particularly drab day. The scent will reinvigorate your mind. The consistency is just right, not too sticky yet it doesn’t dry out after 5 minutes. There is a cool, tingly sensation upon application, which is what I love the most about mint lip balms.

I’ve had this lip balm for about two months now and it is still growing strong. Usually, I would have to reapply every three hours or so, but with this little guy, one swipe can last me the entire day, unless I eat of course. Even so, I wouldn’t need it on a particularly good day. Perhaps the ingredients work well with me, but if you are facing the real problem of having chapped lips, give Be Good To a try. My friends rave about it too, so maybe it isn’t just a lucky hit. Try it out and let us know what you think! Support your local brands guys.

Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. I just really love their products.

Photography, styling & typography by Sophia Charles. Stalk Sophia’s Instagram and blog, she is amazing!


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