How To Be Productive

Productivity. Mention that word to any university student and soon a kaleidoscope of emotions starts to flash through their entire being. First comes denial (“I managed to write two hundred words! That’s good enough for the day!”), then comes guilt (“Oh my god, I really didn’t do much today. I need to really get more done. I’ll start tomorrow!”) which is then accompanied by anxiety, depression, hysteria, etc.

As someone who has had her fair share of mental breakdowns (I estimate three on average for each assignment), I decided that this needed to stop. Mainly because stress really doesn’t do any favors for my complexion. There’s only so much foundation and concealer can do for you.

So if you are having problems being productive, yet have goals and ambitions lie in this magical land far, far away called ‘tomorrow’, then here are a few lifestyle tips for you.

1.  Plan your day in advance.

Each night, right before I’m about to sleep, I get this sudden burst of energy. I’m sure all of you are familiar with this surge of motivation that leaves you itching to get a hundred things done in that very night. However, that urge to be productive is completely nonexistent the moment we wake up, and the things we wanted to get done end up never getting done.

Frustrating isn’t it, that the only time we’re motivated to get things done is right when we’re about to sleep?

Well, cast your frustrations aside! To counter this problem, all you need to do is plan your day in advance. Take a few minutes before bed to reflect on what needs to be done. When all those ideas come up in your head, all you need to do is write them down so that you’ll remember what needs to be done in the morning. You could also turn it into a to-do list. Research has shown that when you write down a list of things to do, you’re bound to be more productive.

2. Go to bed early.

Yes, this may very well be the hardest task of all. But rather than wasting your time scrolling through Facebook into the wee hours of the morning, sleep early instead and wake up early to get to work. Also, it’s better to get work done early in the morning rather than late at night as there will be less distractions since everyone else is pretty much asleep anyway (there’ll be no one to send you texts and distract you!)

Try sleeping by midnight and waking up at 8 a.m., you’ll feel really refreshed and motivated. At the very least, you’ll feel proud that you got up at 8 a.m. to get things done.


3. Create the perfect ambience.

If you’re the kind of person who can’t focus with music on but hate studying in silence, try using Coffitivity. It provides ambient sounds which I find really useful and somehow, it helps me concentrate better.

If you CAN focus with music, might I recommend our playlist Strictly Local Playlist #1? Don’t believe local music can be good? Give this playlist a shot.

Source: Tumblr
Source: Tumblr

4. Make your workplace pretty.

Aesthetics is your friend when it comes to productivity. A nice, beautiful and comfortable environment will definitely help motivate you to get work done.

My advice? Make your workspace so Instagram-worthy that you will WANT to work in it and you’ll find that getting things done will turn out to be easier (and more stylish) than you expected.