12 Hours in Detroit

A month ago, Marini and Marsya gallivanted around Detroit, Michigan for half a day. This is how they fared:

Marini: I came to East Lansing to visit Marsya. She then suggested a trip to Detroit. Now, I’ve only heard things from movies and such, so I was sort of nervous – only because it would just be the two of us girls and we weren’t sure how to get from one place to the other.

Marsya: My roommates’ tips and advice on Detroit didn’t really help much either. Anyhow, we woke up bright and early on Saturday to board a Greyhound bus. The trip took us an hour, but being squashed in what resembled a tin can by so many people – there was a person on the bus who couldn’t even get to sit – made it feel like five hours.

Marini: We had a rough plan that included going to the Detroit Institute of Arts and the Motown Museum. We only had half a day, so it was definitely enough for both of those places. Coming out of the bus station, we stumbled upon a bookstore, John K. King Used & Rare Books, which is indeed the best bookstore I have ever been to. Ever. We wished we could have spent our entire day there. Hell, we wish we could live there.


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Marsya: It would have been detrimental to the plan, though. As much as I wanted to marry that bookstore and bathe myself in the sweet symphony of books, but alas we somehow found it in ourselves to leave the place and continue with our schedule. So off we went, two Malaysian Malay girls aimlessly carrying one really heavy bag of vintage books relying totally on Google Maps to get us to where we needed to go. We managed to get ourselves to the Motown Museum, but we got distracted again. This time for good reason. A beautiful pizzeria. After having our fill of the greasiest vegetarian pizza ever, we finally made it to the museum. Lady Luck had it in for us though, because it seemed as if half of Detroit decided to go to the museum too. By the time we got there, admission tickets were sold out.

Marini: With that snag in our plans, we wandered around looking for a bus. I was truly starting to fidget. I felt like we were in a deserted place, much like a scene out of the Maze Runner. Everything just seemed abandoned and empty. I kept asking Marsya, “Where are all the people? Why is there no one? Are you sure about this? Do you know where we’re going?” Despite being a calm person, I panicked a lot. Marsya was the most stable one. She helped navigate us both and despite getting lost (the bus stops are kind of weirdly placed) a number of times, we found ourselves meeting strangers that were actually really friendly. They asked us about our day, showed us the way and suggested places to go.

Marsya: Seriously, without people helping us out, I doubt we would have made it anywhere. We eventually made it to The Detroit Institute of Art just shy of two hours till it closed. So, we did our best to see whatever we could. I absolutely love going to art museums with Marini, so being able to walk around all sorts of galleries in the institute like medieval art or contemporary art with her was fabulous. Interpreting art by yourself can be super tiring and time-consuming. As the art museum was closing, it was time for us to get to the Greyhound bus center and hop on our ride back to East Lansing. I was super stumped and frankly exhausted at how we were going to get to the bus center on time, but Marini had it all covered.



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Marini: Our Lyft driver was the bomb dot com. A sweet lady who wants to be an actress and said the nicest things to us. She also told us that the reason why the streets seemed so empty that day was because everyone was at the local jazz festival. Marsya and I had a collective “OHHH” moment. Marsya talked to our driver about being an aspiring author and the lady was so supportive that Marsya promised that if she ever published anything she would write a special thank you note for the lady. You bet we tipped her real good. Detroit is definitely a place to check out and if I had a car, I would definitely go again. I’d drag Marsya with me and maybe this time, we’d attend that Jazz Festival and dance our cute asses off.

Marsya: Correction, I would try to dance my cute ass off and probably fail.   


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