C.T.; E.A.: Progressive Dinner Date

Tasha: I’m finally done with my fourth semester at university and I can’t believe that I only have one semester left. Gosh! To celebrate, Kai and I decided to go on a progressive dinner date. At first I was really excited about the whole ordeal, mainly because I have a small appetite and I’ve never eaten at three places in one night before. At the end of the date, though, I was in a massive food coma.

We wanted to keep it strictly local by having Peranakan food since we were in Malacca but gave into crusty ass Mcdonald’s sundae cone for dessert. Why? 1) I was about to have a food baby. 2) Basically everything closes at 10PM in Malacca. 3) The alternative would be Baba cendol, which seemed too much. Our first stop was Oldtown Grand, where we ordered their fried shrimp dumplings. The best part about only having appetisers at one place was the look on the waiter’s face when we told him we wanted shrimp dumplings only.

For the entire date, we shared all of our meals. I don’t know if that’s considered cheating but we’re both small eaters. That way, we end up finishing our food instead of wasting it. Sweet gila kan, I know.

Kai: Ever since my appendix operation my appetite somewhat decreased. I miss eating a lot doh, but I guess the upside is sharing food with my girlfriend. We had our main course at Calanthe Art Cafe. I’ve never really been a fan of laksa, to be honest, but Tasha loves laksa, so we had their Calanthe Laksa. It is their version of a curry laksa. The cafe had a list of kopi o/ais for you to try from all around the country. If you didn’t know, each state has its own signature coffee. We chose to have Perak kopi ais because it was the least weird out of them all. Some of them even had margarine in them! Overall, sedap gila bro. We then had a Mcdonald’s sundae ice cream cone each even though Tasha told me to only get one, but I wanted one to myself, duh.

Tasha: As I’m listening to Yuna’s cover of Hotline Bling and writing this, I’m happy to say that I ended my semester with a bang. I’m gonna miss this guy loads.

Kai: The only thing I have to say about this date is that it was fun. Would I do it again? Yes. Honestly, I don’t care what kind of date Tasha and I are on, cause all I wanna do is spend time with her. We can be sitting around watching a movie or running errands for all I care. I get to see my girlfriend man, that’s all that counts. Korang, I’m just dazed gila doh. How I feel when I’m with Tasha is how Drake feels dancing in Hotline Bling’s video.


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