Autumn Lips

Back in Malaysia, I wore dark colors to college all the time. People would ask if it’s Halloween, but you be you, just wear anything you like. [Read: It doesn’t have to be autumn for you to wear these colors.] I always see it as dressing up your face when you don’t have a lot of time. You can have a clean canvas but when your lips are painted something fun, you look like you really did try.

These are just some of my favorites:

IMG_2747 (1)   IMG_2740

Colourpop Lippie Stix in Grunge

Sometimes, you just need to give your light nudes a break. This is my autumn nude, a light brownish nude with taupe undertones. It’s only $6 (so affordable!) on their website and they have sooooo many colors. Get on it, people.


Rimmel by Kate Lipstick in 107

Everyone and their moms have this lipstick. It’s a berry-toned red and it’s definitely the one you want to wear when you want something brighter for autumn. It is a satin finish, which does not feel drying at all on the lips.


Colourpop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick in Limbo

When you apply this all over your lips, it’s like smearing on melted milk chocolate. No black, no purple, no red hints. It’s a true brown shade. Then, it dries to an oh-so-matte finish that can survive through any non-oily food. Also, it doesn’t come off with water, so you definitely need something oil-based to remove it. Tip: Don’t scrub it off with just a tissue. Trust me, it almost killed my lips. This sort of formula will be GREAT for festivals, parties, and concerts.


Topshop Lip Bullet in Wine Gum

I’ve had this for a couple of years and I truly love it. When you layer it on to its full opacity, it’s a deep, deep red with a slight berry tone. Sometimes, it pulls off as a deep red brown. It has a satin finish, so you may need to slightly blot it or use a lipliner underneath to avoid smearing.

IMG_2739Wet n Wild Megalast Lipstick in Ravin’ Raisin

Calling all purple lovers, It’s a matte purple lipstick with mauve undertones. Not too deep, and I imagine it would look great with a cool-toned lilac eye makeup for the winter as well.

Comment down below if you have a favorite of your own as well! I’d love to know! Au revoir.


3 thoughts on “Autumn Lips

  1. Hi Marini! The Rimmel lipstick you featured in this post happens to be one of my all-time favourite lipstick shades. 🙂 Do you have other alternatives to the Colourpop lippies (since they don’t ship to the UK & I’m too lazy to use a forwarding service) in similar shades?


    1. Hello! For Colourpop Limbo, I’m thinking Lime Crime Salem is the closest. I found a link for some more dupes: Lime Crime Dupes
      And thennnn, for Colourpop Grunge, that’s a hard one. I think it’s closest to Urban Decay 1993, only Grunge is slightly darker. If you add a more brown-based lip liner underneath, it would still look pretty. Here’s a link as well for similar ones: Grunge Dupes. Hope that helps!


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