Tau Tak? | 10/2015

Place: ROFLCam

Flashback to a couple of months ago where Yi Peng and I wandered around TTDI’s Pasar. We were in search not for fish or vegetables, but a film store. Oddly enough, yes, up on the highest floor of the pasar nestled in between little store houses is ROLFCAM. It’s a cozy treasure trove for any analogue enthusiast, be it a drool-worthy stash of expired film or 35mm cameras. Relying mostly on online sales for income, the store would benefit greatly if one could come and show some love and support! Also, the owner’s not a pretentious douche! Bonus! [Ed’s note: When you spot some guys skateboarding in front of a store with a small ramp, you know you’ve found it.] – Marsya Mohd. Johari 

Music video: dae kim – Baby__Blue (Feat. Ryota Katayam) / Fireworks.in.the.middle.of…….summer

Dae Kim’s music video is an experimental and sort of avant-garde film music approach whereby it values the unusual and experimental ideas instead of providing a story to it. One of the things I adore about the music video is it leaves me feeling disoriented. It upsets me that I can’t figure out the meaning to this video, yet it satisfies me to see the use of various techniques to construct it. The statics and rewinds remind me of the early days of technology. Remember the times when any mishap would ruin the connectivity of the technology with the audience? That was the time when HD wasn’t available, downloading isn’t a thing and we often watch movies using tapes or CDs. Is the director trying to tell us to move forward with our lives instead of staying in the past? Or am I just thinking too much? Either way, it’s a majestic experimental piece of video to watch.  – Eurica Yu

Food: Nyonya Nasi Lemak Rendang, Fried Shrimp Dumplings & Baba Chendol @ Jonker 88

You can never go wrong with local food. This month, I made it a priority to try all sorts of local food ranging from claypot curry laksa to nasi lemak rendang to mee kolok. I think the only thing all my friends abroad miss most about Malaysia is the food. If I could, you know I’d mail char kuey teow and roti canai to you guys. This right here is comfort food guys, none of that mac and cheese crap. [Ed’s note: Poslaju banana leaf rice please.] – Tasha Iman


Fashion: Korod Klothing

With the rise of local brands like Pestle & Mortar and Third Culture, it’s not a surprise that many others have stepped up their game to try and make a name for themselves. One brand worth mentioning in my opinion is Korod Klothing. Their designs which are illustrations done by local artists set them apart from the sea of plain black t-shirts with generic logos and designs that I see much too often these days. I scored a t-shirt with an illustration of The Beatles’ infamous Let It Be album cover at Rantai Art Festival earlier this year. The artist was sitting at the booth sketching more designs and cartoons in his notebook. I had my eyes on another design aptly named “Go Donut or Go Homer”, which had a portrait of Homer Simpson but unfortunately, I only had enough money for a t-shirt. I’d definitely say it was money well spent considering their t-shirts are of good quality with the addition of unique designs. Check out their Instagram, @korodklothing or their artist/designer, @kupeh_rod. – Amanda Chan 

Music: Tenangkan Bontot Anda by The Venopian Solitude

If the song title doesn’t make you smile, I’m seriously questioning your sense of humor. This song is everything I wished for and more, the use of various instruments and the ENERGY, which is why I included the video here. It starts off really calm and beautiful, but towards the middle [2:43-minute mark], your senses explode and your life is forever changed. You’re welcome. – Adrienne Yap


Fashion: Third Culture

Third Culture (3C) is a fashion and editorial platform. It is also the place two of KUL’s representatives have interned with previously, so trust us when we say that the kids behind it are rad. 3C have recently launched its clothing label, Three By Third Culture along with its first collection titled ‘Chapter One: The Doors’ and it does not disappoint. The collection was inspired by Aldous Huxley’s Doors of Perception; the team sent out their interpretation of the book to six designers and asked them to visualise it however they may. Each design is vastly different than the rest but cohesive at the end. Similar to why I was intrigued by Against Lab, I’m also loving the no-black approach here. Chekkidout on Third Culture‘s site. – Rathika Sheila


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