Meet the Crew: Halloween Edition


Marini Ash | Minneapolis, Minnesota

To be honest, all I could think of for Halloween is a good makeup look. Initially, I planned to go as Cleopatra, but I found out that the weather was down to 5 degree Celsius. Walking around a suburban neighborhood in a sleeveless dress? No, thank you. I was planning to go as Chucky’s Bride just because I had a beauty mark like her but was torn between someone from AHS Witch Coven or Nancy from The Craft, So, I combined all three: Nancy’s dark makeup and the Witch Coven’s default all-black outfit. I threw on a leather jacket when it got way too cold. The houses I went trick-or-treating to had no problem identifying me as a teenage witch! Halloween in the states followed by an overload of candy: checked.


Eurica Yu | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

[Ed’s note: Drink every time Eurica says pizza.]

Initially for Halloween 2015, I wanted to go as a pizza. Anyone who knows me will understand my undying love for pizza. All I want for my birthday isn’t a cake, I just want a large pizza, which I did get for my 20th birthday. I was even planning to TRY to get a free slice of pizza by dressing up and going to the pizza shop during midnight. Unfortunately, due to some technical difficulty, I couldn’t dress up as a pizza for Halloween. I didn’t want to spend any more money, so I decided to go as Rosie the Riveter. It’s simple and meaningful, which is what I’ve always wanted my costume to represent.


Marsya Mohd. Johari | Lansing, Michigan

As compared to pre-Halloween – with its streets of drunken kids and ‘jungle juice’ – my actual Halloween day was super chill. I went out to take advantage of the Halloween sale down at Goodwill and sauntered out later to get free cookies with a side of discounted burritos from Chipotle. Then I stayed at home and watched nothing but Netflix. All in all, I hope Daria approves. I know Jane says it’s a big, wide world out there, but it’s the width I find so disturbing.

Aisar Qairizad | Lincoln, Nebraska

Last minute Halloween tip: Get face paint and the world is your oyster. Skulls are always foolproof. After I threw on my red bomber jacket, Marsya commented that I looked like Evan Peters from AHS, albeit a Malay version.


Alicia Leow | Bozeman, Montana

I was a gypsy in 2013. A vampire hunter in 2014. This year? I was a cat and a vampire, but my favorite of all: a fox-spirit aka Huli Jing.

Before Saturday, I thought the fox-spirit was as popular as werewolves or mermaids, and that everybody would know it. Oh, how was I wrong. I hadn’t realize that the fox-spirit was something that solely appeared in Asian culture.

It was interesting because there were people who were asking for pictures with me albeit not knowing what I was. My yukata and fox ears attracted their attention. I spent the whole night telling the tales of the fox-spirit, from the Chinese myth of them being seducers to the Japanese myth of the nine-tailed fox.

Tatiana Sta. Maria | Madison, Wisconsin

October pretty much left me swamped with midterms, assignments and work. Consequently, I decided to take the uncreative route by ordering my Halloween costume off Amazon Prime. And so I learned the hard way that one should always prioritize warmth when it comes to picking a Halloween costume.

Thankfully I was going to Freakfest, an annual Halloween concert that takes place in Madison. Surrounded by good company and good music, one could easily forget the cold of the oncoming winter.

Adrienne Yap | San Francisco, California

I wasn’t feeling Halloween because it was at the end of a busy week and all I wanted to do was lay in bed with a bagful of candy. Alas, my friends and I went out to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show in a cinema, instead of the live shadow cast theater show that is interactive. It was fun nonetheless as people threw rice, danced along to the Time Warp, clapped, yelled ASSHOLE/SLUT at Brad and Janet. We ended the night at Denny’s having breakfast food, which is ultimately the highlight of Halloween. Also, a foolproof last minute outfit would be Wednesday Addams. It also helped that my friends were Gomez and Morticia.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Amanda Chan | Kuala Lumpur

Halloween has never been a customary celebration in Malaysia. For me, it was always a Western concept I see on TV and in movies. However in recent years, Malaysia has been adopting the culture for the sake of parties, promotions, advertisements etc. The only year I “celebrated” Halloween was back in 2013 in college with my friends. I was too lazy and cheap to rent a costume or spend any money, so I had to work with whatever I could find at home. I went as Charlie Chaplin because I had a bowler hat, walking cane and adequate crafting skills to make my own cardboard mustache. Unfortunately, not everyone guessed that I was ol’ Charlie because there were a few who actually thought I was dressing up as Hitler (lol REALLY, guys?? Tsk tsk.)

I’ve never experienced Halloween the “proper” way before but that was pretty fun. I’m sure there were a number of Halloween-themed parties in town this year and I’m sure they were fun, but I wouldn’t know because I wasn’t at any of them. Instead, I spent the night in with a movie marathon with classics like Scream and Texas Chainsaw Massacre. To change things up a little bit, I also watched Heathers and Jawbreaker. Not the quintessential horror movies but there’s blood, merciless murder fueled by teen angst and worst of all, high school anarchy. Now that’s the real horror. What’s scarier than that?

Feature image by Marsya Mohd. Johari.


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