Strictly Local Playlist #2: Merry Melodi

It’s November and it has officially been my third month studying in America. The nation is celebrating fall with its pumpkin spice lattes, turkey wraps, and decked out Christmas decorations. Capitalism, I tell you. Amidst all that, I find myself craving a simple plate of mee goreng mamak, “Tambah pedas ye, boss!”, or a glorious Ramly burger in all its oily splendor. In fact, I miss and crave everything about Malaysia, haze and all.

I’m coping with this as best as I can. Thankfully, I’m able to listen to some music from home. In fact, this playlist is curated to ease that feeling of homesickness, which aids me into a new day.

This is a transitional playlist for those mornings where you wake up from your celestial dreamscape. You groggily get up and have reality slap you in the face, feeling like you hate everything and everyone until finally you begrudgingly admit that at least you’re alive and well. Alhamdulilah. And so, the day continues.

Keep at it!

Feature image by Adrienne Yap.


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