The Rookie KL-ite Guide to Halloween


  • Gyoza + Paprika-seasoned Chicken + Sayur Asem
  • On deciding a costume: “Fuck it, I’m just gonna be pretty.
  • It’s 11.22 PM. 4 girls; 1 emoji pair, 1 farmer and 1 galaxy cat.

This was the first time, in a very long time, since I went out for Halloween of which I celebrated it by dancing through the night at Zouk.

Drink 1: Rum & Coke

  • On choosing a room to stay in: “I’m not drunk enough for this!” 

We got in – stamped, plastered and I cringed. Messy pew pew pew electro is not for me. I am very particular about my music in clubs. Entering Main Room was an automatic rejection. The only highlight was seeing a hella cute unicorn pass by, but all in all, not for me, ladies and gentleman. I smoked a menthol. Not drunk enough for this either.

So on we went to Ace. We stayed only because we get to drink by the bar as it’s still a little empty. We knew we were going to stay longer because they played Move Your Feet and I got all excited by sending video snaps to my best friend. Other notable songs include: Ghostbuster’s theme song and Drop It Like It’s Hot. You have NO idea how happy I was when Snoop Dogg’s big jam came on, until…

Drink 2: Tequila

  • On my first shot of the night: “Holy cow.”

They dropped the bass. They REALLY dropped the bass. Drum and Bass isn’t for everybody. I’ve never had to dance DnB in public, but I was getting high from that shot and all I remember was my tweet, plus meeting my friend for 2 minutes because they opened a bottle elsewhere. I did not want to leave DnB.

Eventually, they toned down the DnB and I was getting so tired. DnB is not for the weak!

Drink 3: Smirnoff Ice

  • On the best song for that session: Drake’s Hotline Bling

The DJs were dressed as Ryan Gosling, MH 370 bomoh and a pocong. This was the moment I fell in love with Indigo & Co. This was also the moment I had to pee for the millionth time, in which I am grateful for my highly efficient, tiny bladder. This was also the point where Jia tells me that we need more drinks. The bar had simultaneously become both our best companion and enemy. Never bring too much money when you’re out for drinks or at the club, unless your idea of fun is crying because you’re both drunk and broke.

Drink 4: Tequila

  • On spying with my little eye: A woman in a spacious cage with her yellow python.

I honestly do not remember drinking this shot. What I do remember was that I was drunk enough for the other rooms at Zouk. This was easily at 2 A.M. Prime time for those outside to start clawing their way in. The main entrance of Zouk was one huge line with red screens that scream FULL HOUSE. Suckers.

We went over to the other room – Phuture and Velvet. The bouncers were obviously prioritising the mat sallehs, despite them not even having stamps (Back of the line!). There we were, 4 lost girls with stamps on their left arm, waiting to go in. The biggest regret of that night was going into Phuture.

I’m a small gal, I can literally manoeuvre through any space. This was the first time ever I couldn’t which illustrates how packed Phuture was. And boy, did they play some shitty electro. (Yes, still not drunk enough for shitty electro).

Drink 5: Smirnoff Ice

  • On that guy who was so fucking drunk: “Dude, watch out man. He looks like he’s going to puke on us.

I knew my friend was at Velvet, but with one quick look around, I knew I wouldn’t be able to find her. Dah lah, signal kong. How was I supposed to find my club-gal soulmate?

Restroom break: my makeup was still good. YAAAS. Since our hearts were set on Ace, we decided to head back.

A Zouk miracle happened!

Drink 6: Sips of Black Label

I met my club-gal soulmate. She found me once we walked out. We both found solace in a bottle of Black Label. I still carried around my tiny juice because I loved it so much. I got my left index finger cut, but what’s love without a little pain, eh?

This was the part of the night where I only remember remnants and pieces. All that’s left in my memory is of me laughing and hugging all my friends. I danced, I sang, I snapped less and I peed a little more. I was my happy drunk self.

I think there were moments where we went on the dance floor. We made friends with the guy at the next table who had to jaga the table and his friend who was sitting on the floor, regretting life decisions.

I’ll admit I had fun. I was in good company with the occasional decent song. The toilets were not clogged. Yeah, I count my blessings. Rehashing the night via my Camera Roll had me laughing at how ridiculously unsober I looked. There were ridiculous pictures of us hogging a wall where my friends were hugging me.

JPEG image-E455DAEEEE86-1

Though the night ended with a bunch of boys calling us bitches, asking us for a picture, McDonald’s attendees telling us we smell like arak, and the police catcalling us, we all went home safe and none of us had a hangover.

Except for me.

God, I was so groggy that Sunday. It was spent mostly in denial of having a hangover. I told myself to take a chill pill, in which I did. I didn’t go to work the next day.

 Halloween at ZOUK rating:

Ace: 8/10

Main Room: 4/10

Phuture: -2/10

Velvet: 7/10

Would go again if someone is willing to sponsor my night’s supply of Smirnoff Ice.

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