Ada Bajet: Third Wave Cafe vs Kopitiam

I’ve been on my semester break for about a month now. Initially, I thought okay, shit, how am I going to hang out with friends at cafes if I would have to spend RM30 in one seating? Not only do most cafes serve the same dishes and coffee, they also burn a hole in my wallet.

In reality, there are so many local alternatives for all you college students who want to hang out on a budget. For breakfast, instead of having Podgy and The Banker’s Bruschetta, Chicken Ham and Eggs and a cup of Cappuccino (RM 13 + RM 11 = RM 24) why not go to your local neighbourhood mamak and order a roti tampal with a glass of Teh ais (RM 2 + RM 2 = RM 4)? Not only do you save your moolah, you get to chill in the A.M. with your friends and have good food. KUL Tip: For those of you on a diet, order chapati instead.

Most people opt for brunch because not everyone is willing to wake up at 8.30 A.M. for food. For ya’ll broke ass bitches, instead of having brunch at Acme Bar and Coffee for their Smoked Duck Breast Pasta and a cup of Cafe Latte (RM 35 + RM 15 = RM 50), why not get Sarawakian food? My diaper buddy, Amanda and I drove to Jalan Sarikei to have brunch at Dapur Sarawak. You can never go wrong with mee kolok daging and teh ‘c’ special, a.k.a. three layer tea. Instead of brown sugar, they used gula apong. Sedap gila. (RM 5 + RM 3.50 = RM 8.50)

Last but not least, I’ve never been a fan of cakes but I know many of you sanggup spend RM14 for a slice of cake and a cup of coffee. The other day I was so broke, but I wanted to have tea and chill. So, instead of Greyskymorning’s Flat White and a slice of their cakes (RM 10 + RM 12 = RM 22), I decided to drive around my neighbourhood and stopped by a roadside stall to buy a bunch of local kuih, lepat pisang, keropok lekor and pisang goreng, along with a glass of Iced Nescafe. (RM 5 + RM 2 = RM 7). I took all my kuih and coffee, sat on the deck in my garden with my mum and watched a Disney cartoon.

This made me realise that you can get great local alternatives for a way cheaper price and still have a nice time. I’m not saying cafes aren’t good, but don’t go just for the sake of your ‘Gram girl. Where your priorities at?


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