Corporate Hollywood: The Big Six

What do you talk about every day? If you are hanging out with friends, what dominates your topic of conversation? There is the routine, ‘how was your day?’  ‘I had ___ for lunch.’  We then shimmy into our 21st-century talk, ‘Did you see this on the internet?’ ‘Have you seen this new TV show?’ 

Media is all my friends and I ever talk about. We consume media. Not specific to TV and film, but the concept of media as a whole. From ad campaigns, news networks and radio stations and, of course social media, we are drowned in an avalanche of mass media. It overcomes our everyday. This tends to mean that most of what we absorb and expel comes from our surroundings. We sleep, eat, breathe and consume.

Hollywood in all its glamour and beauty has its hand in our need for entertainment. The campaigns or films we witness produced each year have financiers and producers attached, eager to have their company be involved in a project. But the technical side of Hollywood should always be examined, especially since most of our entertainment culture is adopted from Hollywood.  We spend most of our days submerged in media, it’s only smart to look into who’s controlling the content.

So who’s the exec in the suit green-lighting the third season of True Detective?

They’re known as the Big Six. The six largest mass media corporations who collectively control U.S. mass media are Time Warner, Viacom, CBS Corp, The Walt Disney Company, News Corp and Comcast. These companies own production companies, movie studios and newspapers. They control what we see on the side of busses, what we read online, the TV shows we obsess over and the movies we fall in love with. They own news stations to dispense their version of the truth and create pop stars to create songs for their radio stations. With the six colossal companies sitting in their ivory tower above the rest, it’s clear that the power of media has been left with only a handful of individuals. It is the executives working for these corporations who are determining what we’re submerged in every single day.

Being self-aware of what we watch, read and hear every day is the definition of a smart consumer. While it’s an unspoken fact that most of mainstream media is propaganda, this evidence of corporations dominating the airwaves is a simple example of how easy it is to live under the ruling thumb of corporations. Below is an infographic depicting the Big Six and some of what they control.


We’re gonna pause on this weird Hollywood world for a second and scale things back to our roots. What this BIG SIX business means for us back home is the parallel structure each government adopts. Most of Malaysia’s media is too owned by political parties.

Of course I’m not saying that all Malaysian publications and media are controlled by Rosmah. I’m simply pointing out the intertwined history of media and politics. How easily someone who attains power from each division can easily manipulate a city*.

So your illusion of freedom of the press has been shattered slightly. Existential crisis ensues and you’re scrambling to find your version of truth. Don’t be alarmed, It’s ok! You simply shake the shards of lies off and stay in the lane of awareness and clarity.

Stay open and understanding, educate yourself for the sake of your knowledge and seek out nothing but the truth.

Stay aware!


Source: Business Insider


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