Photo Diary: Thanksgiving ’15

10 hours is not a short drive. Trust me, I know.

My friend, Leslie, was kind enough to invite us to her home in Brighton, Colorado for Thanksgiving. Me being the foreigner as well as Rick being the one who isn’t loved by his family and is constantly complaining about my ‘touristy-ness’. (OK, you know I love you.)The last few days were absolutely life-changing. In what way? Well, I am no longer a Star Wars virgin. I WATCHED THE WHOLE STAR WARS SERIES IN A DAY.

So, this is what I’ve learned after having my first proper American Thanksgiving. It’s basically Chinese New Year where you have all of your family over, play with pets, and eat as much as you can, but with TURKEY. There are no ang paus and it’s bloody -15 degrees Celcius with constant snowfall. – Alicia Leow

Thanksgiving was the only break I had out of the whole semester, which is funny because Malaysia lives on public holidays. I felt like back in high school, we had an obscure holiday at least once every two weeks. This time, I was going to spend it really well. I knew Aisar was coming to visit me, but I was surprised when I found out that Adrienne and Marsya would be joining us as well.

Dude, I was over the moon. I saw Thanksgiving more of a get-together day instead of Turkey Day to be honest. It was just nice to spend time with familiar faces again. I was able to visit art museums (The Walker Art Center is where you should be at!) with my favorite people. I spent an entire night, and I mean from 11:00 PM to 4:00 AM, at the Mall of America with them, strolling around for Black Friday deals. We went on crazy 360-degree rollercoasters, getting wet on log chutes with me almost jumping out of my seat, and riding on what seemed to be innocent kiddie rides but turned out to be stomach-churning ones. I’ve had a stressful semester and now that it’s about to end, it’s becoming even more stressful.

Having said that, I have Thanksgiving memories to push me through the last two weeks; like that time Marsya literally made herself comfortable on an art piece and when Aisar was trolled by the ticket lady at the theme park. He made a fool of himself in front of everyone. – Marini Ash

Thanksgiving was the breather I needed to overcome my semester slump. You know the feeling where you’re sick of routine and facing the same people every day. You could walk to and fro class blindfolded. A change of scenary is the only remedy.

Minnesota is the complete opposite of SF. Everyone is nice and there weren’t any homeless people on crack. Upon arrival, I was greeted by the icy cold, chicken curry, and an unreciprocated bear hug from Marsya.

Our first night was spent participating in the largest scale of consumerism, Black Friday. American Apparel had 50% off their 50% off merch. Needless to say, I scored some pretty cool threads that night. Some fashion merchandising student trivia: online sales doubled for Black Friday even though the overall figures earned exceeded $10 billion and distinguished stores closed on Thanksgiving so that their employees can spend time with family. Why is it Black Friday? It’s because stores turn from red to black, red indicating that losses may incur, whereas black indicates profit.

I digressed. The next couple of days were spent exploring art museums and screaming our hearts out off rollercoasters that were at a 90 degree angle. It was so lovely to hang out with friends who I could talk to comfortably, in the sense that I could allow my lahs and babi slip. Shout out Marini for being the best host/plumber! – Adrienne Yap

I had the worst Greyhound experience to-date. A miscommunication at the station almost left me stranded. On top of that, there was a drunk woman escorted off my bus because she was attacking people. The excruciating amount of delays almost made me want to give up and go home.

“It’s the Thanksgiving experience,” my bus driver said to me in a merry voice. I remember thinking, “Oh god, please don’t let this be an omen.”

And thank God it wasn’t. From there on, the trip got better and better as soon as I saw Marini’s celestial face beaming as she ran towards me in the Minneapolis airport. It was the same when I went into her apartment and I saw a sleepy Aisar reclining on the sofa. Even more so, when I woke up from my nap hours later and saw Adrienne all bundled up in her winter gear. Being able to see my friends after months made up the crux of my Thanksgiving trip. I love food, art museums and rollercoasters, but having them by my side made it all better. Here’s to the next Thanksgiving trip! – Marsya Mohd. Johari 


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