Bucket List: A Month in Malaysia

I’ve been living in Malaysia for 13 years. I’m 21 now, you do the math.

Earlier this week, I bought my first ever one-way ticket back home. Long story short, I’m getting kicked out of the country and I don’t know when I’m coming back. I know I will, but I just don’t know when.

So, I’m moving back with my grandma, sister, and 4 cats on the first week of January. As I carefully curate my path of becoming that lonesome, internet-less, crazy cat lady in Bandung, I thought to myself that there’s so much more I have yet to do in KL.

I knew I was leaving since last year and ever since then, I’ve compiled a list of things that I needed to get done to complete my Malaysianized experience. My to-do list grew, but honestly it will never be as much as my to-eat list.

I’ve summarized the list of both worlds and made this bucket list. From mid-December onwards, I’m planning to cross these things off:

  1. Visit the Islamic Arts Museum + Masjid Jamek (the actual mosque, you guys)
  2. Take a day trip to Ipoh with the KTM Express Train
  3. Watch a gig at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
  4. Do a walking tour of Brickfields and finally try that kickass goreng pisang
  5. Visit the Husky Cafe at Hartamas
  6. Swim at Aloft’s pool and sip some Mai Tais
  7. Eat salted caramel everything for a day
  8. Get my brunch on with Fancy Breakfast Club
  9. Dress up for a fancy ass dinner with my friends
  10. Take a killer shot of the KL city skyline and ‘gram the hell out of it
  11. Cross off my to-eat list with my favorite friends/new friend(s)

If you wanna help me cross off any of these, please holla at your girl! Hit me up on InstagramYou could be my number 11! I promise I won’t eat off your plate and I’ll take a real good #ootd shot of you. (For references, contact me.) 

Help a third culture kid accomplish her goal! Send in your recommendations that may just be the cherry on top of the completion of her Malaysian experience to contact@thisiskul.com.


6 thoughts on “Bucket List: A Month in Malaysia

  1. I want to contribute!! I want to! Take me to Ipoh please! And to Huskies! And I don’t mind teman-ing you for your to-eat list, as long as it’s not laksa or something spicy.


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