C.T. ; E.A. : Hiking @ Broga Hills

She says:

You cannot believe how long I have waited for this date to happen. Have I ever mentioned how Kai and I can never really go on outdoor dates because every time we try to, it rains? Alhamdulillah, we made it. The day was hot and sunny, which left me with a headache. Let me just say the date didn’t start off as planned because the universe works in mysterious ways, but we made it nonetheless.

He says:

Can you imagine what hiking up a 1.7 km hill with only an hour of sleep is like? Well, that was entirely my fault so I can’t complain. I’ve been to Broga Hills before a couple of years ago with my friends at 4 AM, dedicated gila nak tengok sunrise. I’m not gonna say it wasn’t worth it, though. But like all of our dates, I’ve said it once I’ll say it again, going places with your girlfriend or someone special makes the whole experience different and better I guess. I was so worried of her slipping and hurting herself since she so irresponsibly left her splint behind for her ankle. Luckily, nothing happened.

She says:

I’m super afraid of heights, for any of you who don’t know. There was a part of the climb up that made my legs not function. Maybe it was the steep rocks, maybe it was the fact that I was 800 ft up. The view wasn’t exactly spectacular as I had imagined, maybe because I cheated and didn’t hike all the way to the top. It was 11 AM, you guys. Basically noon already, the sun was blazing. It was amazing nonetheless. Even though I didn’t get to the top of the hill, I felt super accomplished and told myself, “Not too shabby for someone who had only four hours of sleep.”

He says:

I couldn’t help but tease Tasha. She started off the trail with “What? 1.7 KM je? I run 3.5 Km a day, boleh lah.” But we had to make four pit stops along the way. Of course, I empathised with my girlfriend and gave her water. That doesn’t mean I didn’t remind her of her big talk earlier. Haih, nasib sayang.

She says:

The exhaustion from the hike still lingers even now, probably because I haven’t worked out in two weeks, am sleep deprived, and probably have the heat from the hike permanently seared in my soul. Thank God for air conditioning. All in all, today’s experience makes me so grateful for everything in life.


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