Photo Diary: Yellowstone & Grand Tetons

My friends and I decided to take a trip down to Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park over my birthday weekend in October. It has been on my to-do list even before I got to Montana, and it was a fairly simple birthday wish. The distance from Bozeman to Yellowstone is similar to that of KL to Melaka; reasonably near for a quick day trip for durian cendol, chicken rice balls and satay celup.


The journey there was a beautiful one, with clear blue skies, stunning mountain ranges and lots of wild animals – we saw a grizzly bear, bison herds, elk, some white-tailed deers, and even rattlesnakes. Note: Always wear shoes when you’re fly-fishing by a river cause I accidentally stepped into a snake’s den and I must say that it was pretty freaky.


When we were there, the weather was well, bipolar. Typical Montana/Wyoming weather at a soaring 19-degree celsius in the mid-noons and -3 degrees at night. The constant search for firewood was always our first priority whenever we arrived at a campsite to set up our tent.

We spent the first night just outside West Yellowstone and the second night outside the Tetons because the campsites in national parks are way overpriced. $45 for a campsite? Really? It’s free to camp in national forests that are just 10 minutes away! Plus it’s less crowded!


Personally, I think that Grand Tetons National Park is way prettier than Yellowstone. Perhaps it’s because there’s less of a crowd? Or maybe it’s because the Grand Tetons are filled with lakes from sub-glacier waters, making it have a clear blue hue that’s perfect for pictures. It was a beautiful birthday present.


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