New Year’s Eve

Come New Year’s Eve, I tend to get super excited about upcoming plans. The thought of a brand new start with the beginning of a new year leaves me optimistic. As midnight rolls around, my excitement dissipates and all I want to do is curl up in bed and watch a good movie.

“What’s with the optimism anyways? If we wanted to go on a diet, we didn’t have to wait for a new year to start. We would have started the second we decided upon it.”

Realist? Perhaps.

All in all, I do hope that your night is as wild as you hoped it would be! Here are two looks that I would don come the eve of 2016.



It’s the dead of winter and we’ll be out till the sun makes an appearance. A faux fur coat isn’t just stylish anymore, it’s a necessity in order to survive the night.



Sophia’s faux fur coat, Sway Chic black dress, my sister’s bandana, Forever 21 heels.  

For those of you in tropical KL, a faux fur coat isn’t practical, unless you’re willing to embrace the heat. Swap it with a kimono or a statement jacket. A bandana will come in handy when your hair is gross and you need it off your neck. Simply use it to knot your hair into a high ponytail OR use it as a hairband. Problem solved, you’re welcome.



Yes, it was raining as we shot this. Hence, the beanie. This look is a good day to night transition. With the addition of a necklace and a change of shoes, you have two outfits in one.




H&M beanie, Sophia’s necklace, Monki coat, American Apparel sweater and skirt, Nike Flyknit Lunar 2.

You won’t catch me in heels on New Year’s Eve, that’s for sure. Thank god sneakers have been widely accepted into the fashion crowd as athleisure and normcore dominated streetwear late 2014/early 2015.

For a foolproof outfit, pick 1) your favorite color palette or 2) co-ords. You can never go wrong with co-ords because they’re like a fun alternative to a dress because you can choose to wear them separately.

I would like to end this post on a note that I’m glad BBWs/curvy women are getting more representation as of late. It feels extremely liberating to be able to flaunt my curves. To all you BBWs, it’s time to show off what you have been blessed with!

All bodies are beautiful. Happy New Year!

Photos by Sophia Charles



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