Getting Personal With: Izzudin Arudin

You may have seen Izzudin Arudin’s Mother’s Day illustration on social media. Yes, the one you retweeted. There is a satirical commentary in each of his work that is reminiscent of Banksy. One that you don’t often see in Malaysian artworks.

Read on to find out more about the inner working of this young creative’s mind:

Introduce yourself!

I’m Izzuddin Arudin, 24 years old, and I just graduated from my studies in advertising. I have a fear of cats.


You seem to dabble in illustrations, stop motion, and collages. What is your medium of choice?

For illustrations, usually I would just use pencils for sketches, and then a software on my computer. For stop motions, however, I prefer to use clay, mostly because it’s much easier to mould. It’s also recyclable and cheaper. I did try using objects and paper cuttings, but the process is too much of a hassle. They cost more too. That’s why I chose clay for my stop motion videos, out of practicality. 

How did you get into stop motion?

I first heard about stop motion when it was part of my assignment during my diploma studies. We were required to make a stop motion video and went through all the process of preparing storyboards etc. But I only began to be seriously involved with stop motion videos after I saw Meagancignoli’s artwork on Instagram, in which his agency has been providing stop motion videos for big brands. I thought that in Malaysia, we lack the people who are focused on making stop motion videos, so I saw the opportunity there.

teacher%27s day
Teacher’s Day

Tell us more about Mango3 Studio.

It’s a one man show company, in which I basically operate on my own. But if the job specifically requires extra manpower, I would seek for assistance and pay them based on that project. Basically, Mango3 Studio does graphic design, animation, videography, and stop motion videos.

My latest project right now is with Universiti Malaya for an educational animation video. I was required to have a registered company for payment procedures. So, right now for any freelance projects that I’d be working on in the future would be done under the name Mango3.

tugu pre-bersih4
Tugu Pre-Bersih

What do you think is lacking in Malaysia’s art scene?

Personally, I think Malaysia’s art scene lacks the exposure and publicity, mostly because they don’t publicize the events well enough. I realized that the crowd who attends these kind of events is basically the same crowd every time. If the aim is to educate the people about arts, maybe the general public should be the main focus of future art events.

Walk us through your creative process from an inspiration to the end result.

Inspirations literally could be from anywhere. If the clients have specific requests, I’d Google my way for the right angle, do simple sketches, and go on straight to finish the job, since I always get it done quickly. But I do have a strange habit of doing other things for two or three days, then only will I revise my work. Mostly because I feel that we’d look at certain things through different perspective given the time context. For example, our interpretation of our favourite movie during our school days would not be the same as how we would see them now after many years. 

rumah api solidarity
Rumah Api Solidarity

Your artwork addresses some serious issues in Malaysia. If you had a minute with an important role in government, what would you say?

I don’t want to be commenting too much on politics, but I feel that we should really start putting only the right people who understand the real problem for governance. The problem now is that all the wrong people are elected for all the wrong reasons, and they seem clueless about what they should be doing right now. 

Oscar Wilde said, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery that mediocrity can pay to greatness.” What are your thoughts on it?

Every artist would be imitating others, regardless of the style or the idea. We might think that the idea was produced by ourselves, but there will always be someone who has done the same thing, prior to our knowledge.

To be imitating other artists during the early stages is not a big fuss for me, as slowly everyone will develop their own style in their pieces eventually. Everything will progress through time. 

may 1st rally female detainee
May 1st Rally Female Detainee
selfie room complete
Selfie Room

If you could possess a talent by any artist, who would it be?

A Canadian painter named Rob Gonsalves. Firstly, because I really want to try painting, albeit I know the process takes longer time and it is harder to work with brushes. Secondly, because his artwork revolves on surrealism, which requires even greater imagination from the artist. Not everyone can do that. 

Top 5 songs that you listen to when creating art.

  • Cuba Lagi – Malique feat Lah
  • 50 Cent – Window Shopper
  • Red Hot Chili Peppers – Tell Me Baby
  • Polyphia – Champagne
  • A random 3 hour long instrumental jazz track on YouTube.
Bersih 4 Poster
Bang Berahim (Ibrahim Pendek Tribute)
Bang Berahim (Ibrahim Pendek Tribute)

Can’t get enough of Izzudin Arudin’s work? Scroll to your heart’s content here.


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