Crossing The Bucket List

About a month ago, I embarked on my quest to cross off my bucket list before I change my permanent address from KL to an unknown location. While the goal was to cross off everything, the real goal was to cross off, at least, half.

Safe to say that I have successfully done so, and even more!

Here’s what went down:

Islamic Arts Museum
Ft. Syaza Nadzirah + Vimal Raj
December 15

We went to this majestic museum by accident after our around-town adventure. It’s definitely the best museum in KL because it’s not even close to boring and the pieces of art are just astounding. Also, because I am a sucker for the Arabesque patterns that paint the various mosques around the world.

The museum sheds light on the most underrated things Islam has to offer, like architecture, textile art, and calligraphy. If you think this is only for Muslims, you’re wrong. Go for the ample white space (OOTD shots, anybody?) and a quick history lesson of the Islamic world.

Ft. Azizul Osman, Syaza Nadhirah + Syaza Nadzirah
December 30

Okay, I’ll confess. We were supposed to go there with a train. That was the deal.

But this is my bucket list so whatever rolls, goes.
Grateful we ended up going with a car (the car’s name is Tom btw!!!) because it went up to 44 degrees at about 2 PM and we sought refuge at Plan B for 3 hours. That is, of course, after eating for 2 hours nonstop. Nam Heong currently holds the title for my first ever finished cup of white coffee and Plan B is the birthplace of our musings for the future – especially on the topic of weddings.

Cubs & Cups
Ft. Valeriya Mazhitova
December 14

My best friend and I are those friends on Facebook that will tag each other at literally just about anything, especially when it’s cute. So by default, she was my #1 choice (and #1 in my heart) to cross the Husky Luvin’ off the list.

I was a little sad that there were only 2 Huskies who were very sleepy, but the waffles made up for it. So good. That terrier we met at the cafe stole our hearts, though!

Afternoon Mai Tais
Ft. Trisha Toh
January 4

What was supposed to be a breakfast date at Fancy Breakfast Club turned to a day-drinking fling. I fell in love with that moment – a tiki-themed Mai Tai, the polluted KL Sentral breeze, an aerial view of the Lebuhraya Mahameru traffic, the sun on my face. They all merged so well as we were lounging on a pink deck chair.

A little tip: Aloft’s rooftop pool is open to the public, provides towels and lemonades, and the lobby has a very cool spaceship-esque toilet and hand dryer.

Salted Caramel Fix in 24h
Ft. Ezzat Ski + Trisha Toh
January 3-4

Okay la, I have to confess again. I did not have salted caramel everything for a day. If anything, people thought it was crazy because that would just put me at risk for diabetes. So realistically, I had 2 salted caramel things within the span of 24 hours.

One was the Almond Salted Caramel Mille Crepe from Feeka. I blame my ex-colleagues for this (looking at you, Qisthina & Orealia!) because now I don’t know where I can get this in Bandung. This is one life-altering cake. Another was the Salted Caramel Cruffin from The Bread Shop. This little-hidden gem is all sorts of beautiful. Do not eat on first dates because it gets messy – or do, it’s your date after all.

Christmas Eve at Trisha’s
Ft. Trisha Toh, Faliq Khan, Valeriya Mazhitova, Ahmad Zakwan, Christine + Christie
December 24

Okay – last confession, I promise. I did not get my fancy dinner but technically this is pretty fancy because it was Trisha’s first time hosting a Christmas Eve dinner at her place. Everything was set up so perfectly and since the dress code was Christmas Casual, I dressed up pretty frekkin’ fancy (loophole, bitch!)

This was a very special dinner for all of us because some of us met each other for the very first time here.This was also a very rookie Christmas dinner because there were more snacks + booze than actual food. I guess you can see where our priorities lie now!

Meet x Eat

To be honest, my Friends-To-Meet list was a lot more important than my To-Eat list. So here’s a little visual evidence of all the beautiful people I had the chance to share a meal with before I left. 

Places visited include Lepaq Lepaq, Raj’s, Podgy & The Banker, Panchos, Fresca + Dolly, Yellow Brick Road, Nando’s, and Mai Bar on various dates between December to January.

As I sit in this new place I call home, I realised that maybe I should not have done any of that. You might wonder what the fuck is wrong with me, but it’s made me miss KL, especially the people, in a whole new light and it aches my heart. It’s only been two days and I’m already counting down the days to my next flight home.

I can’t wait to head back to cross off the remaining things on the list. Sure, some things were not how I planned it to be, but most went even better than what I could possibly have asked for 🙂

Now it’s time for me to make a whole new list of things to do as a newbie in Indonesia!

Till next time, KL.


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