Photo Diary: Pulau Perhentian

The KUL team went to Pulau Perhentian over the summer in two separate occasions. With half the team buried under layers to survive, we thought it was appropriate to reminisce on island days. Oh, Malaysia, how we miss you.

Shot by Aisar.

To sum up Pulau Besar: all-day swims, crystal clear water, seafood all day every day.

Shot by Adrienne Yap.

We stayed in Pulau Kecil, which is pretty decent. There were lots of tourists, not so many Malaysians, which was odd.

The water is incredibly clear, snorkeling and island hopping are highly recommended. Bring an underwater camera or GoPro if you have it. You’ll be able to see baby sharks, tortoises, and lots of breathtaking coral.

At night, walk through the woods to the other side for bars with the best fire show and shisha. KUL Tip: You would need a flashlight, so brace yourself for complete darkness. Don’t get too wasted, but if you do, get a water taxi back.

Have fun and stay safe, kids!


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