Have You Done Your Part?

As a filmmaker, I feel responsible and have a personal interest on addressing social issues. Sexual assault is one of it.

Sexual assault has been a controversial issue for many years. Often times, the victims are blamed instead of the abuser. Whenever I hear a conviction, it is often, “You were walking alone outside late night/You were drunk/You were wearing provocatively/You seduced me.”

Excuse me, but when has that been a credible excuse to sexually assault someone and get away it? Due to the fact that the percentage of putting the abuser to justice is low, sexual assault victims are afraid of coming out to tell their stories. They are afraid the authorities would not believe their stories and assume they made it up just to get sympathy.

The reason we currently know about incidents is due to the fact that sexual assault victims want this to end. They are brave enough to speak up because they want to see a change. They believe it will happen and so do I. The public should be educated on the negative impact it’ll put the victims through and refrain themselves from executing such monstrous act onto someone.

I’ve played my part in addressing the issue on sexual assault. What about you?


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