Photo Diary: Batu Caves

I remember wanting to go to Batu Caves for a really long time now. Everyone always told me how boring it is and how it’s a waste of time.

Well, I have one thing to say to those people: You can stick to your boring malls and cafes because I had such a nice time. *scoffs*

It was my first time going to a cave and despite the construction going on, it was still breathtaking. I found out that they have a cave exploration package and I’m definitely signing myself up one day.

Always do something with an open mind. Every time I tell people I wanna go to a certain place, they always tell me “There’s nothing to do there lah. Waste time only.”

Eh shut up lah suka hati lah nak pergi ke tak. Geez, stop raining on my parade.

If people tell you it’s boring and there’s nothing much to see or do, just go cause your version of fun could be different from theirs.


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