KL -> SF

Rewinding my memory to when I first got off the plane from KL, all I can remember is a pang of humid air welcoming me back home. Nothing is better than the feeling of home.

After being home for a week, I fell back into my old routine which consisted of going to malls during the day and hanging out with my friends at mamak stalls at 1 am to shisha. The most exciting time in KL, for me, is leaving the city and visiting other states to food hunt with my friends and family.

On Christmas week, my family and I drove 2 hours to Malacca for food. I wore the standard Malaysian uniform: shorts, T-shirt, and slippers. The only downside to the trip was the scorching hot sun that day. The search for anything that contained ice began, think: cendol and ice cream.

While walking along the roadside of Malacca with an ice cream in one hand and a fan in the other, I was kinda wishing for SF’s cold and windy weather.

Food Trucks
Food Trucks

SF’s everyday weather can be confusing. The weather can only be described as bipolar. It can be as hot as 40 degrees during the day and fall to 12 degrees at night, wind included. If you are a seasoned San Franciscan, you’ll know to always be prepared with an extra jacket and scarf.

Living in SF, you’ll never get bored, because of the activities they have in the city. There are tons of free activities, from going to museums or a field with food trucks to lining up for a free One Republic concert.

Napa Valley
Napa Valley
Napa Valley
Napa Valley

An alternative would be taking a 30-minute ferry ride to Sausalito. You get to walk along the bay with some fish and chips in hand looking out into the water. If you’re up for a drive, rent a car and drive up to Napa Valley where there’s wine tasting galore.

I might prefer SF’s weather, but nothing is better than being home with family and friends.


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