The Art of Moving


No. It’s not any random number.

That’s precisely how many steps I took today, an equivalent to 15 kilometers or 9 miles if you’re into the archaic imperial system (which would mean that you’re either from Ermurhreekah, Libya or Myanmar.)

I’m certain that we’ve all seen it somewhere – be it the annoying ads that pop up ever so often on our Instagram feeds or those attention-grabbing billboards you see in the metros – fitness trackers are all the rage nowadays.


I’m not sure about Malaysia, but as I’m looking around the library, 8/10 people have some form of activity tracker on their wrists here in Montana. From the cheap $20 version to the pretty expensive Mondaine trackers, pretty much everyone has one. Maybe because its ski season, who knows?

As someone who’s owned an activity tracker for the past 6 months, here are some of my¬†experiences wearing it.

  1. Every morning, I wake up with a plan deciding which route I should be taking that would require the most steps. (Mind you, 15km a day is not a small amount.)
  2. At about 11 am, I’ll check my wrist to see how many calories I’ve burnt and how much more I need to be burning to reach my daily target.
  3. Whenever I have boring classes, I try to stop breathing and attempt to control my heart rate with my breathing. (Weird, I know, but its pretty entertaining.)
  4. If I don’t reach my target for the day by 5 pm, I’ll try to make time to visit the gym.
  5. Calling my boyfriend at 10 pm if he would go for a short jog with me until I reach my daily goal.
  6. Being mindful of stairs – they’re terrible, but its oh so good for your body.

Moral of the story: I’m somewhat controlled by my tracker, but hey, isn’t that all of us with our smartphones? At least, this is beneficial to my health, am I right or am I right?

If you’re one of those whose resolutions for 2016 is to lose weight, you don’t have to dread your trip to the gym. You don’t even have to go to the gym! Take your dog out for daily walks, ajak your kawan to go hiking somewhere (We have a post on Broga Hill, so check that out.) or just teman your grandma when she goes on her early morning strolls!

The only change you need is the change of your idea of “working out/being healthy”; it would never work out if you force yourself to make changes immediately, you have to gradually pace yourself into the habit of constantly moving – being sedentary is the enemy.


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