Los Angeles: The Girl Of Your Dreams

So, you want to move to LA?

Film and TV shows have you strung up on this dream of Hollywood glamour. This odd little city where palm trees grow to a mutant height. Where the mountains and ocean meet. A city powered by music and film, the entertainment capital; or so I’ve heard it been called.


There are a number of things one should know about this odd town:


Why does traffic happen to be the first choice of topic when someone talks about LA? Simply because it’s all everyone does. Sitting in traffic, crying in traffic, being in traffic.

It’s an LA lifestyle nobody agreed on committing to but everyone does. Conversations you overhear in LA are commonly about traffic. How to get to the 5 from the 118, don’t take the 405, take Sepulveda instead. You hear LA residents complain about the same freeway every single day but there’s nothing that could be done. In fact, the constant haze of traffic has affected the residents of LA so much that everyone speaks in freeway slang.

By that, I mean people refer to freeways like nightclubs or bars. ‘The 405’, ‘The 118’, ‘The 101’, ‘The 5’. You would think that these are popular nightclubs located on Hollywood and Vine, but they’re just highways. LA is odd.


If anything, LA should be known for its diversity. From its race to the culture, the slang and references people use, it’s a hub for millions of individuals to express themselves. With a rich Chicano heritage embedded into the LA culture, Mexican food happens to be top notch.

Food trucks, drive-thrus, diners, and farmers’ markets; there’s more than a plethora of food to feed a variety of people. Besides food, diversity in Southern California branches out to language. People all over the world use Los Angeles as a place to find or challenge themselves.

Celebrity Culture 

Of course, celebrity culture has to be examined when dissecting the makings of Hollywoodland. We’re sucked into the world where celeb culture happens to be a point of fascination for many. Contrary to what many might believe, people who live in LA don’t encounter celebrities as often as one would think. However, there is the occasional celeb sight-see. Spotting your favourite actress hiking down Runyon Canyon happens.

You can’t escape celebrity culture if you live in LA. Everything’s on a billboard, begging for you to notice. You can’t help but stare at billboards while you’re waiting at a green light. An interesting thing about this city is that a vast majority of filming takes place all around LA. Popular places like Griffith Park or Sunset Blvd are commonly known for appearing in films and TV shows.



Hiking is a popular pastime in LA. It’s free, works as a group activity, allows you to be bathed in the greenery of California. With the near-perfect weather, hiking comes as a constant ‘thing to do’ for many people around here.


Here’s a couple of tried and true hikes located around the Los Angeles area.

Tuna, Malibu Creek, Runyon Canyon, Griffith Park, Solstice Canyon, Zuma Canyon Trailhead.

Things To Do 

From a plethora of music and film to attending live TV tapings or even museum hopping. LA has everything and anything to keep you entertained. From comedy clubs to night clubs or midnight raves to moonlight strolls, LA has a variety large enough to accommodate everyone.


Museums: LACMA, The Broad, The Getty Centre, Getty Malibu, MOCA, Museum of Death, Natural History Museum, Huntington Library, California Science Centre, Japanese American National Museum.

Comedy Clubs: Laugh Factory, Upright Citizens Brigade, Comedy Union.

Music Venues: The Troubador, The Echo, The Mint, El Rey Theatre, The Wiltern, Hollywood Bowl.

Beaches/Piers: Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Manhattan Beach, Seal Beach, Huntington Beach.

Theme Parks: Disneyland, Six Flags, Knotts Berry Farm, Universal Studios.

Sport Shows: Angels Stadium, Staples Centre; where Kobe Bryant and Jeremy Lin play, Dodgers Stadium, Honda Centre.

Weekend Getaway

Driving out of LA is a little more convenient than one would think. With the Catalina Islands a ferry ride away, San Diego and San Francisco hours drive away, road tripping becomes an easy escape for those who are eager to venture out of the Hollywood Hills. Since everybody and their mother owns a car in LA, it’s safe to say that road trips are more than a common occurrence. Places like Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Santa Cruz, Big Bear, Las Vegas, San Diego, and Santa Barbara are less than five hours away.

File_001 (1)

Tiny beach towns, the desert or mountain valleys are at your disposal. Sea salt in the air and fresh mountain breeze awaits you.

Los Angeles awaits you.

It awaits you.


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