It’s Not You Pt. I

The universe has a way of tying people together, which leads one to think if all of this is bound by chance or basic probability.

“Did I ever tell you my theory of déjà vu?” she asked him over sushi on a particularly hot and humid day.

He smiled at her, “No, tell me.”

She went on to explain how souls have written their entire life in a book before coming to earth. Within this book is everything that could possibly happen, much like a choose-your-own-adventure book. Every move we make is meant to create a domino effect, propelling our lives into a whole different direction unless we somehow find ourselves back on track. That is where déjà vu becomes a comforting idea. Her theory is that déjà vu are your souls indicators to you that you are currently on the right path.

“I had a déjà vu that we were here.” She said, over the low buzz of the afternoon lunch crowd.

He took some time to roll this notion over in his head. “I like that idea. How everything is not a random series of events, like a math probability problem waiting to be solved. How all of this could be fate.”

They shared a knowing look filled with uncertainty. It is funny how the universe would place two compatible people together at the most unfortunate of times. There was just no way that they could be together. Not at the time. She was off to go abroad for a few years and he was left to stay at home. The universe has its reasons, but both of them cannot seem to find any at that moment.

She never really knew how he felt about her until one chilly night where they found themselves wrapped in each other’s arms. They fell into it naturally, crossing the lines of a platonic relationship. It was the first time they held each other not because they were supporting one another, but because it felt only right to do so.

“I was stupid,” he murmured when they were alone. The air was still, the sun was due to make its appearance in a couple of hours, but at the moment, they were enveloped in darkness. Her heart felt full as if it were on the verge of bursting.

This is how everything falls into place, she thought.

They held onto each other as if time would cease to exist and she would not have to leave in six days. She could hear his heart beating, reminding her that time is a constant. A car whizzed by, yet they paid no notice. She only remembered it because its headlights made his eyes sparkle, if only for a second.

“I hope you find a blonde guy with blue eyes who will make you happy, not someone who smells like curry.” He made a self-deprecating joke, as if race would play a factor in her happiness. She did not say a word, as she simply laid her head against his chest. Her mind was struggling to find the balance between being blissfully happy in ignorance and sad knowing that this was it. In the end, she chose to block off all thoughts of the future and purely be in his presence.

As they parted ways, he pulled her back. “Just one more.”

The air grew cold around her. Her arms were her only source of warmth. He looked back, but they knew it was the last time. The tree that shielded them from the moon’s gaze will stand far longer than they ever did.



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