Couple-Tested; Editor-Approved: Langkawi

She says:

It was Kai’s first time on a plane, and we had a Hazel-Augustus moment. It was cute.

He says:

I was fucking terrified but thank God for Tasha. I knew I was gonna have a good time and someone once told me the possibility of dying at home is higher than dying in a plane crash. So, I thought, no big deal, kan?

She says:

There’s just something about booking flight tickets, it feels sort of final or real. Like, “Ok, this is happening. Let’s do this.” I really wanted to travel somewhere for my 21st birthday, so we decided on Langkawi. Here’s the thing, though: Kai and I had nothing planned whatsoever for this trip. We reached Langkawi and immediately took a taxi to Jetty Point, Kuah before the boat left, but we were too late.

He says:

I wanted to wait for the next boat in the afternoon but time wasn’t on our side today, so we ended up renting the whole boat for ourselves. Lavish life konon. It was totally worth it, though.

She says:

We got so much done after island hopping. That was our main concern actually – not being able to see the islands. We wanted to go snorkeling, but that would take up too much time and we wanted to get as many activities done throughout our trip. I mean, we only had 18 hours doh.

He says:

My limbs were already failing me by sunset. I wanted to die, I was so exhausted. But the exhaustion was worth it, because we had such a good time. I’ve never done anything like this with anyone besides my family. I guess you guys have established that from almost all of our Couple-Tested; Editor-Approved posts haha.

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She says:

If you ever have the extra cash on you, don’t think twice about it, just book a flight. It will make you feel fucking anxious, I’ll tell you that. This is coming from someone who always has a plan, it’s great to not have a plan sometimes. I’m never a spontaneous person, but this guy always encourages me to be more spontaneous. It was a perfect way to spend my 21st birthday. I guess I’ll always remember what turning 21 felt like.


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