Dear YP,

I always knew once we left school I’d have to write to you to keep you tabs on whatever’s happening in Sunny Island Malaysia, not that you don’t have Instagram/Twitter. I remember when we were 17, you were talking about going to FIT in New York and that it has always been your dream school — look at you now, girl! You’re in New York fuckin’ City in FIT! I’m so proud of you.

We both turned 21 in the same month and that makes me feel closer to you, like a sister. I always thought to be in your 20s meant being old and boring — just like how I thought grown ups were.

Boy, was I wrong.

Grown ups go through more complicated and unnecessary drama than us! I knew one day I’d have to take on my own responsibilities and run errands alone (I didn’t need to turn 21 to do any of that), it’s not that bad. It’s just like getting an annoying chore done. But I guess my biggest concern about being an adult is money $$$. In this god-damned economy, who isn’t? I get excited even when there’s a sale going on at Tesco, that makes me feel so old! God.

We’ve both grown so much as individuals over the past 5 years. You’ve helped me be the person I am today, always there reasoning with me if ever I say something problematic and that’s what a true lump would do. You don’t sugar-coat shit and that’s my favourite thing about our friendship — we’ve always been honest with each other about anything and everything. I love you.

I wish we could’ve celebrated our birthdays together, but it’s alright. Here’s to more years to come. I miss you every day.

– Tasha


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