No Sleep for the Weak

This has probably been the hardest month in the US of A for me. Between juggling a double major in mathematics and economics, I’ve also had to handle internship applications.

Trust me when I say that having an interview on top of 3 midterms is not fun.

I also had to find a way to further divide my time between two jobs as a research assistant and a barista. Suffice to say, this semester has been a frenzy of activity. I’m definitely far from being the most organized person around, but I thought I’d leave some of my top tricks for all the struggling sleep-deprived college kids out there.

  1. Have a planner ready

Honestly, I’ve come to the point where I will cease to exist without my planner. From interviews to appointments, I often have my entire week scheduled ahead of time. I also find it extremely cathartic and motivating to be able to tick off appointments and assignments off of my planner.

More importantly, being able to see all the things that I have to do in one place definitely keeps procrastination at bay. It also lets me schedule studying and homework in a systematic way so that I never have to pull all-nighters.

  1. Don’t fall behind in class.

If you ever feel like you’re falling behind in class, then get help immediately. Trust me when I say that things only get progressively harder as the semester drags on. Oftentimes professors in the States will hold open office hours. Office hours may not be ideal for everyone, but it’s definitely helpful if all your lectures are filled to the brim with 150+ students. I started going for office hours during my second semester and it honestly made a huge difference.

However, if your professors don’t hold office hours then don’t fret.

Try to seek out a tutor or make an appointment outside of class with your professor. Please don’t ever feel demotivated. Keep in mind that it’s okay to learn at a different pace than everyone else.

  1. Stay motivated

It’s easy to procrastinate if you lose sight of your goals. It’s fine to enjoy some time off, but it’s not worth it if it comes at the expense of you losing track of your ambitions.

Stay determined and dream big.

Regardless if it’s a 4.0GPA, an internship or a job, the only person who can give you those things is yourself. The effort you put in is equivalent to the gains you get.

If you ever get frustrated with college, then take a deep breath and remember to move on.

Life is way too short to get caught up with bouts of misery. Instead of focusing all your energy on being unhappy, why not try to use all that energy to find a solution? Just remember that any obstruction you face right now is short-lived. There are bigger and brighter things out there for you.

  1. Remember to schedule some down time

Most importantly of all, remember to have some time to relax and enjoy life. Take regular breaks from work or studying.

Reserve one day of the week to spend time with friends and family.

Also, be sure to schedule a few hours of personal downtime for yourself. Don’t drive yourself to exhaustion or else you will burn out. Pace yourself and make sure that your work life also complements your personal life.

At the end of the day, it’s all about trying to achieve balance while staying on top of things. Keep a clear focus on what you want and everything will be within your grasp.

And with that, I wish everyone the best of luck for their assignments/midterms/finals. Hats off to you guys!


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