Weather Forecast: March ’16

Spring is here!

Well, not really. It’s still snowing on the East Coast of the U.S. and our friends down under aren’t experiencing the warmest of weathers either. Malaysians may always complain about the hot and humid weather back home, but being in the cold isn’t great either.

One thing we can agree on is spring.

This month, we seem to have covered the world from one end to the other. So, wherever you may be, we hope our outfits inspire you as well as give you a rough idea of what it’s like on the other side.

Zoé Ng | Melbourne

ASOS cap, Zara Turtleneck and pleated skirt, Boyfriend’s bag, red tipped banana that looks like an erect penis from Wooly’s, Nike shoes.

It’s the start of Autumn in Melbourne and the weather is as bipolar as I am when I’m about to start bleeding from my vag. I still haven’t figured out how to dress around it just yet, but it doesn’t really matter because I’m always cold in the deepest, darkest recesses of my soul and it shows. Oh, it shows.

Rathika Sheila | Sydney

Dorothy Perkins dress, Keds shoes.

This is me looking like a schoolgirl and wearing (in)appropriate clothing for the windy weather. If I had a dollar for every time I almost flashed someone, I’d be 10 dollars richer.

Ratri | Jakarta

Forever 21 sunnies & jeans,  H&M shirt, Flashy bag, Zalora sandals.

It’s been sweaty afternoons with a little thunderstorm in the evenings here in Jakarta. Fortunately, I get to skip all of that and see it pass from the office, which is how I get to whip out my sandals once in a while.

Today, I had to write about a film festival launch, so I thought I could dress the part by throwing on my go-to white formal shirt. I didn’t want to look too formal, so I wore my favourite pair of jeans and sandals.

I’ve been gambling with my outfits to work lately since the dress code is so vague! It’s always something light and comfortable because sweating in this heat is the worst. I’m also sitting at my desk for hours on end.

As long as I look decent, right? (Shout out to Kelvin for the laughs during this shot!)

a108a8270cd50a35c1c494eba872c7e2Tasha Iman | Melaka

Shawl from byfqi on Instagram, Lovisa crystal necklace, Hana Tajima x Uniqlo turtleneck, Zalora bag, H&M high-waisted ankle trousers. 

I’ve been really busy with submissions and finals, which leaves me with almost no time to dress up. I’m either too tired or it’s too hot.

Although I’m wearing a turtleneck, it doesn’t cling to my body when it gets hot out. It’s also been a daily look of mine to wear a loose shawl with almost everything. Ain’t nobody got time for wrapping your head up in a huge swath of fabric when it’s this humid.

IMG_2366Natalie Tan | Kuala Lumpur

Uniqlo x Hana Tajima turtleneck, Topshop pants, and Coach sling bag.

With the scorching hot weather in Malaysia, you’ll get weird stares if you’re out dressed in long sleeves. I’ve always been a turtleneck kind of girl so the 34 degrees celsius heat ain’t got nothing on me!

Lately, I’ve been obsessed with within soft pink color range. I wore a pair of white pants to match the colour of my top and threw on a nude sling bag to complete this somewhat rose quartz look that I was going for.

Adrienne Yap | New York

Cap from Marsya, thrifted shirt and parka, Monki trousers, Nike sneakers, tote from The Strand. 

New York City is warm one week and cold the next. I am sick of its games. On top of that, I’m really running out of ideas on what to wear when it’s cold because wearing the same turtleneck with the same pair of dungaree can get pretty boring. Hopefully, the weather stays as warm as it is was today.

Rule of thumb for the week is to pair a staple piece with an unconventional or statement piece. Then take it a step further by throwing on a favorite accessory.

It hasn’t failed me so far!

image1Marsya Mohd. Johari | Michigan

Zara faux leather jacket, thrifted dress and flannel shirt, Vagabond.

Spring has officially arrived in East Lansing! Soon, I can finally say ‘piss off’ to my itchy thermals.

Some days are particularly warmer than others like it was when I wore this! I haven’t had a chance to really go pantsless since winter so this was fab.

image1Amanda Chan | Chicago

Thrifted coat in Chicago, Primark grey basic turtleneck, Pre-loved bag from Rantai Art Fest ’14, Topshop jeans and boots.

Spring is supposed to be here but the weather forecast for Chicago next week drops back down to single digits. I’m hoping for a slightly warmer and less windy spring. Just so I can dress all cute and fashionable.

IMG_6409Marini Ash | Chicago

Boohoo bomber and boots, Uniqlo turtleneck, Forever 21 jumpsuit.

It was a warm March evening, the first time I was finally able to pull out this jumpsuit in the last 5 months.

Since it’s still kind of cold, I got the idea of pairing turtlenecks or shirts under dresses from Adrienne and I’ve been enjoying pairing pieces together.

We’re about to head into April. Spring, where are you at really?

We hope you fellow Malaysians are holding up well wherever you are. Want to showcase your looks? Use the hashtag #ThisIsKUL and tag us on Instagram. You may very well end up in our next weather forecast. 


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