Strictly Local Playlist #5

It’s hard for me to say that I’ve always been a fan of local music. The only time I listened to local music was through a show called Hitz Sessions on Astro Hitz where I enjoyed performances by bands or solo artists. It was a great platform to discover talented local acts.

Even so, the only local artist I listened to religiously is Yuna, because frankly, who doesn’t?

Until recently, I discovered there are countless of amazing local acts akin to Yuna. There are many who produce music, dare I say, as good as international bands. Most of them definitely deserve more recognition from everyone, especially music fans who admit they listen to ‘everything’.

From an official theme song for KIL movie to an experimental song titled ‘Tenangkan Bontot Anda’ (yes, you read it right) to a very much underrated Pastel Lite to a more mainstream artist like Diandra Arjunaidi; here’s a playlist I made consisting of great songs from really, really great local artists.

Playlist  by Farhira Farudin. Think both of you are musical soul mates? Check her out on Instagram and Twitter. Image credit by Farhanani Shafie. 

Think you can do a better job? Send us your playlist submission at We dare you. 



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