A Day In A Life

Zoé Ng | Melbourne, Australia

It’s funny to say this, but microvlogging has to be one of the most difficult things I have done since moving to Melbourne.

I watched Adrienne upload these little snippets of her daily life and I gushed about how poetic and pretty they are. However, when we finally agreed to do this post and I had to film these mini stories for myself, I swear I only lasted about 3 days before I had to stop.

The difficulty doesn’t come so much from the Snapchatting itself because, if you follow me (@tzuchuen), then you’d know that Snapchatting totally comes as naturally as drawing in eyeliner wings. The real difficulty was in having to constantly think of your life as a movie and how you want people to see it –the flow, the vibe. Just trying to make every mundane daily chore look absolutely thrilling and romantic to someone else.

Like, oh my god, I’m buying eggs! LOOK HOW BEAUTIFUL IT IS TO BUY EGGS! DON’T YOU WANT TO BUY EGGS THIS WAY? Yeah. I didn’t even have time to stop and take an Instagram photo! Everyone knows there’s always time for an Instagram photo.

With all that being said, though, I have to tell you that at the end of every tiring microvlog, there is an overwhelming sense of satisfaction. That feeling comes along with watching your slightly-under-3-minute-long story. Realizing how poetic and pretty you managed to get a crappy day to look like, which in itself is a wonderful art that not everyone can master.

It’s also really great when people start to message you and tell you they watched your entire Snap story without skipping through anything, which we all know is the truest form of Snapchat flattery. On top of that, they want to try out this microvlogging thing too.

It’s so gratifying to think that just because you decided to look at life a little bit differently that you found so much beauty in it. Something you couldn’t see until you took a step back to look at the bigger picture, or long Snap story in this case.

Then, it suddenly dawns on you that there is so much freaking potential to see creativity in the smallest things, you just never saw it until now.

Rathika Sheila | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Prior to taking up Adrienne’s “microvlogging challenge”, I utilized my space on Snapchat by expressing my love for Kendrick Lamar or recording snippets of my dogs pretending to be other animals.

Okay, there’s an occasional selfie or two but who doesn’t do that?!

Since I’ve completed a few days of microvlogging, I’ve definitely decreased the number of snaps I upload, because I feel like I’ve created a different momentum amongst my friend’s list regarding the stories I put up. Even though it’s something as simple as taking a 3-second frame of each moment in my day, there’s still some amount of thought put into it. I now salute daily vloggers, this shit takes dedication! After creating content that wasn’t generic, I found that my selfies didn’t quite live up to what a ‘day in my life’ did.

What I loved about the project was it truly is an insight into each other’s lives. Most of my friends would send me chats asking if it’d be a regular thing that I’d be doing because they loved “following” me throughout the day.

A few have asked me to start my own YouTube channel, which definitely boosted my confidence but I ain’t got no commitment for that.

It wasn’t all sunshiny and bright, though, there were the occasional few who teased me for being “artsy” – it’s okay guys, you can try doing it too.

I do want to try my hand at it again, but only if I have a full day so that my entire story isn’t just me pulling my hair out when I’ve writer’s block or eating.

10/10 would recommend everyone to try at least doing it for a day because it’s pretty cool to recap your day through a video.

If you’d like to add me on Snapchat, lookup @rathikasheila – I warn you guys again, I post too many reaction/rants relating to Kendrick Lamar. Add at your own risk.

Tasha Iman | Subang Jaya, Malaysia

I was definitely inspired by my best friend to microvlog on Snapchat. It was so nice to see how he went about his everyday life without actually being there with him. I also wanted to share that with my Snapchat fam.

Microvlogging is so fun; it motivates me to be more productive every day. What’s the point of microvlogging if I’m just going to sit in my room watching Netflix all day?

Of course, the cons of microvlogging consists of your battery depleting like the country’s economy and using up your data faster than usual. [Ed note: or you can post your snaps later on in the day when you have wifi!]

I do encourage you guys to try it for the fun of it. The trick is to not take it so seriously!

Adrienne Yap | New York City, U.S.

I was inspired to microvlog using Snapchat thanks to Imran Hisham and Tasha Iman. Watching their stories made me realize how creative and personal Snapchat can be when done right. By microvlogging, I was able to see snippets of their day as if I was vicariously living with them.

Being able to see everyone’s microvlogs made me feel much closer to them even though we’re oceans apart. The time difference allows me to see their entire day, which was nice.

The first day I did it, everyone was raving about how cool it was. Some of my classmates said that my Snap stories were art, which was nice to hear.

Microvlogging definitely pushed me to go out more.

I was less reluctant to go out alone, knowing that my friends would “come along” with me. Both Tasha and Rathika said that it was a great way to keep themselves updated on how I’m doing on this side of the world.

Will definitely do it again, but right now, Snapchat and I are on a break.

Adrienne tried microvlogging for a month. The piece will be up this month, so keep your eyes peeled!


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