7 Thousand Words

Entering a new year doesn’t only mean a person is given more time to work on being the best version of themselves — it also means a longer duration to appreciate the beauty that is Chris Pratt.

OK, and to create new memories to bring forward to the following year.

Which is why I attempted to document important events with a polaroid as it felt like a century ago since I picked up my camera. I say ‘attempted’ because fuck, films are expensive and I can’t do this on a regular basis, nahmeans?

Anyway, since a photo is worth a thousand words, here’s my lengthy 7-thousand word essay on some of my favourite moments in January 2016:


New Year’s Eve @ Satan’s Abode

The dog that’s laying upside down — her name is Lady. She was sitting up perfectly, then I said “okay guys, ready? 3, 2…” as soon as I mentioned 1, she flopped the other way because that’s what she was about — being funny. She will always be the favourite part of my mornings and my nights. I love her so much.

I hope she’s okay wherever she is now.

Lady passed away on Tuesday 23 February ’16. I still cry about it.


New Year’s Eve @ Lala Chong

This is the go-to seafood restaurant when my family wants to have dinner. Even though it’s usually 7 of us going to eat, we order food for about 14 people.

Before I captured this moment, we were sharing what we had accomplished in 2015 and what we look forward to in 2016. Everyone was generally optimistic about starting the new year but we’ve seemed to have had more obstacles in the past three months; I’m hoping it gets a little easier from now.

Family consists of people that make you feel the happiest and are also capable of making you contemplate checking yourself into a mental hospital. But I love them. I think. When’s my therapy session again? 


New Year’s @ 76

Here’s the other half of my family featuring my mother’s second brother — yes, that Chinese-looking man in the light blue shirt is my blood-Uncle. The evil-looking old man in the middle of the photograph is the Devil’s advisor.

He also happens to be my grandfather.

After spending some (more) quality family time with my grandfather, we proceeded to have dinner at a popular Hokkien mee shop in Jalan 222. Once again, we ordered double the amount of food for the people that were present after stuffing our faces with crumpets, various biscuits, and cheeses, for tea.

My family is the reason as to why I am fat.

Fun fact: LXXVI (my Instagram handle) is ’76’ in Roman numerals because ‘Rathika’ and ‘Sheila’ have 7 and 6 characters respectively, and the house I spent most of my childhood in was my grandparent’s home. Their house number is:

You guessed it — 76.


#tanahairku @ KLCC

My friendship with Sarah is the weirdest one I have, I think, but in a good way. We turned from strangers to being each other’s partner-in-real-dumb-activities real fucking quick.

I’ve only known her six months but we’ve already eaten a year’s worth of food together, travelled to Sydney to see Kendrick Lamar, had too many headache-induced debates, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Sarah said love is when two people can accept each other’s differences and continue working on the relationship without feeling like having contrasting opinions is a problem. To a certain extent, I feel that’s true but I would never advise anyone to compromise their personal beliefs for someone else.


Waffles, Cider, and Laughter @ The Daily Grind

We’re missing one person in this photo for it to be complete — she’s currently plotting her plans to take over the fashion scene in New York so she’s excused.

These girls are the definition of “we in too deep, fam” because I feel like they know too much about me and I’m invested in each of their lives.

This is the group I go to for a reality check or when I need to hear someone say “Hey, you’re doing fine, you can do this.”

This is also the group that seems to have links to articles/YouTube videos that’ll help any situation we’re in. It’s funny but also comforting to know that we’re not alone and that I always have them to talk to.

Sometimes when I’m feeling optimistic about my future, I wonder where they will end up too because they are each incredibly brilliant in their own way; I know no matter how far we are from each other (everyone will soon be in different time zones), they’ll be there for me when I really need it.

I truly hope everyone experiences sharing a group with individuals whom you can grow, cry, bitch, laugh, argue, drink, cry some more, take dope photos, inspire and eat with. I mean, that’s not too much to ask for, right?


Drink, Drank, Drunk @ Sid’s

I ushered in 2015 with these folks. I use to see them every other day — it got to the point where my home became their home.

Our priorities have shifted drastically since last year so we haven’t actually hung out for a long time. So when we do have the chance to, we practice the “go hard or go home” mantra or in our case “get drunk or cannot go home”.

What was supposed to be a casual drinking session ended up becoming a “How many beers have you had? Aiya, have another. You want a shot? Fuck it, let’s all get shots!” night.

It was the best.

The thug in this group (the one standing behind me) proposed to his girlfriend (the girl next to him) of 800 years on New Year’s Eve. Their wedding will be sometime this year, I’m already stocking up on tissue paper.


Blood @ Sid’s

If you’ve followed the Karat Romance series, you would’ve read the letter to my best friend.

There’s not much to say about this friendship that I haven’t already disclosed (god, why am I so emotional?!) already, but I will say despite our conflicting schedules, we’re both determined to meet at least twice a month but if that fails we just have long phone calls.

This guy would defend me to the death, even if I was in the wrong. I will appreciate that until the end of time. Surround yourself with people who uplift — not the ones who make you doubt. 

Hopefully, this author will prioritise buying film soon so her journal entries don’t only include events that took place in January 2016. For more instant photos, follow Rathika Sheila on Instagram at @lxxvi__.


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