Long Live Music Festivals

We all got the memo. It’s music festival season.

However much we roll our eyes at Coachella, there’s still a soft spot for music festivals in all of us.



Music festivals have a way of transporting everyone to a whole other world. One where everyone is united for the pure love of music.

You are surrounded by like-minded people who may very well feel the same way you do when you listen to a particular song.

Even if they don’t, the same line captured all of your hearts even though your experiences with it vary. That is because music speaks to the soul, regardless of age, race, and gender.



It is a beautiful feeling as you sing along with a thousand others to the same verse.

Lying on the grass.

Vibing to the same tunes, surrounded by art of all sorts.



It has a way of bonding people. Everyone is in the best mood.

You have the entire day ahead of you. All your worries melt away.

For once, everything feels right in the world.



Even though music festivals are less intimate than concerts, it is still one of the best experiences when it comes to music.

You get to see multiple acts of all genres in a day.

One minute you’re moshing with Tyler the Creator, the next you’re slow dancing to FKA twigs. You end the night dancing till your feet hurts to Jack Ü or singing your heart out along with Drake.


No matter what, there is a little something for everyone.

Dance till you can no longer feel your feet, only the vibrations of the beat coursing through your blood. Sing as if your entire being depends on it.

Create memories that would last a lifetime.

Share your 2016 music festival experiences with us at contact@thisiskul.com We would love to feature photo diaries, reviews, personal experiences etc. 


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