Greetings From The Desert!

I’m fresh off the Coachella fever and mulling my way back to reality. It’s been a tough transition from the three-day party weekend to the every day mundane but it had to be done.

Coachella couldn’t possibly last forever!

If you’re reading this and wondering what in the fresh hell Coachella is?

Coachella, ‘Chella or the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an annual festival held in Indio, California.  For two consecutive weekends; during the middle of April, the polo fields transform into the festival grounds. While many might know Coachella from the hype alone, here’s my little perspective into Weekend 2!

Day One- Friday

We don’t get into the festival grounds until four, when the sun has found itself midway down the desert sky and it filters light into the palest hue of orange pink. It’s tragically beautiful.

It’s tremendous in it’s beauty, but messy.

Messy because of the hoards of people. They’re looming over the art installations, huddling in by the beer gardens and frolicking amongst the dusty brown grass. They’re everywhere, running and singing, smoking and grass laying.

There’s so much good chaos in the air. Chaotic good.

I can feel the excitement, shoulders touching, energy building as the sun sets. Everyone has prepped for this. You can almost see the relief, the wait is finally over.

File_001 (3)
Pastel clouds against the desert sun. Friday, Weekend 2.

We’re running from A$AP Rocky to G-Eazy and his set is about to start. Of course I step on a slice of watermelon casually laying on the ground.

There is rubbish everywhere.

File_001 (2)

Sometimes people are the worst.

File_003 (2)

G-Eazy’s set is of course on motherfucking fire and we’re feeling more than lit from all that dancing. We rush over to the Mojave Tent to catch Purity Ring play the last set of the night.

File_004 (1)

Look at that stage.

I dreamt about those lights.

Purity Ring performing at Mojave Tent. Friday, Weekend 2.

Day Two-Saturday

My feet hurt so much.

The dancing, walking and standing all day has my toes blistered. My head still pounding from the music last night. Hazy, blurry eyes from the dusty grounds. I might have swallowed a pint of dust, but last night felt ethereal.

I can’t believe we’re doing this all over again.

File_005 (1)

I paid two whole American dollars for a single bottle of water.

Six dollars for a slice of pizza and ten dollars for two scoops of ice-cream. Survival in Coachella will cost you.

I would have sneaked in food, but the security at Coachella checks you thoroughly. When we were in line, security made this girl throw away her sunscreen because she filled it with alcohol.

Pro tip: One should be smarter about hiding contraband. Coachella has the big leagues playing security. 

File_008 (1)
My Coachella parents.

We’ve just been laying on the grass listening to whoever comes on the Outdoor stage. Ice Cube headlines tonight and we’ve been placing bets on who comes out as his surprise guests.

I have money on Dr. Dre.


Day Three- Sunday

How is this the last day?

Relativity truly does take its form here. I feel like I’ve been in a timeless haze. It feels like part of a routine. It’s odd to think that we won’t be doing this tomorrow.

File_002 (4)

We go all out on the last day.

Bracing the midday, we enter the festival grounds at noon. Nothing like the third day under the sun to really solidify your tan.

We’re sitting a couple hundred yards away from the crowded front row. Matt Healy swooning into the mike. The screams of young girls echo after the band ends their set.

They do sound just like the record.

File_000 (11)
Spotted: Primary Colours while Cold War Kids perform.

So much of Coachella is just people watching.

We sit on the brown grass, waiting for the next band to start and I spot someone familiar in the corner of my eye. I think I saw Nicholas Cage but I’m not too sure…

Just your usual Coachella sight- see, I suppose.

I love how lazy everyone truly is on the last day.

Since the big acts don’t play until sundown, people spend most of their time on the grass.

File_001 (4)
Spotted: Lounging outside the Sahara Tent in between sets.

The final night of Coachella has an adventurous tone to the night. The blue lights; courtesy of Calvin Harris, has the polo fields looking mystical.

I see everyone running to the main stage, we hang back though.

The crowds look wild, I can’t imagine what the people in front row must be feeling.

We danced.

I can feel the bass between my ears. There’s dust in my eyes.

The desert grounds have filled my lungs but I’m still singing along to the very last song.

File_002 (3)

See you soon, Coachella.


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