No More Parties in L.A.

After San Francisco, our next destination was the City of Angels.

In a span of 5 days, we visited LACMA, Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Grand Central Market, Japantown, Mount Hollywood Trail, Runyon Canyon Park, Griffith Observatory, and Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Pretty sure we did more than that, I just can’t remember everything.

Which is why there’s something odd about looking back at memories. It’s a very strange feeling where you find yourself giggling to yourself for all the silly things and cringing at all the things that didn’t go the way it was planned. As I was importing the footages from my external drive and editing them, I was overwhelmed by those moments. Mostly good, but there were some bad moments too.

However, I was mostly giggling at the two phrases that stuck with me the most as I was editing: “That’s about it yeah” and “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Inside jokes are the best part about road trips.

Oh, car rides and everything else in between too.

To finally step foot into LA was very surreal. I’ve always dreamed about coming to LA for its film industry, because come on, it’s Hollywood. LA constantly reminded of home because of the highways leading everywhere, heavy traffic, sunny weather, tank tops, shorts, and the importance of having a car.

It’s impossible to get anywhere without a car in LA.

If there is one lesson to take away from this trip is that nothing is ever as it seems. Do not be fooled by the movies because the Hollywood Walk of Fame is nasty.


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