Photo Diary: Bali

It is not a vacation without the mandatory window view shots because “picture or it didn’t happen!”

Obviously, I had to snap a few pictures because seriously, what are window seats for? I always get excited about window seats because I just loooove staring out at the clouds for hours with The 1975 playing on repeat to let my mind wander as I look out the window at God’s greatest creation.

Last month, I had the privilege of crashing my boyfriend’s family vacation to Bali, Indonesia. Upon arrival at our Airbnb, we quickly changed into our swimsuits and jumped right into the swimming pool, ordered room service and called it a day.

What else can we do under the 33°C heat?

We travelled from Badung to Gianyar and Bangli, then back to Badung again in a span of eight hours. Honestly, I’m not a big fan of long car rides but this time, it was worth all the butt cramps I had.

We got to witness the beautiful sight of the purification ritual where people flock together in the holy water springs at the sacred site of Tirta Empul. We also drove up to Mount Batur and caught the sunset up at Uluwatu.

Not to forget that time when I got distracted by a Rottweiler puppy near the vendor stalls at Tirta Empul and was pulled into one of the stalls.

I was then promptly forced to purchase a bottle opener shaped like an actual male genitalia. (TMI but they come in different sizes and colours, too). Once you are caught in situations like this, good luck getting out of there, though.

Here’s a useful tip: pull off any sign language and they will let you off the hook.

Bali was paradise.

The trip to Potato Head Beach Club in Seminyak was definitely the highlight of my trip. That was when I truly felt relieved and at ease before the thought of my assignments’ deadline came raining down on my parade.

I also got to try the surprisingly good and supposedly bad Teh Botol. Unfortunately, luck was not on my side to try their famous babi guling and luwak coffee though but hey, at least I have another reason to go visit again.

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