This Is How An Anxiety Attack Feels

Recently, I noticed that I get a sudden surge of anger at random moments of the day. For instance, when I’m in the tech center doing my assignments. I start cringing, cracking my knuckles, fidgeting more than usual, and anything that I do or listen would piss me off.

You can say it’s mostly due to the stress of completing my assignments, but often times, it would be centered around a memory from the past. I start overthinking, and that’s when this horrifying feeling overwhelms me.

There’s no stopping it. It’s terrifying.

Especially when you’re in a huge room filled with computers, laptops, people, and energy. It doesn’t get any better.

I look around in my film class and I’ve encountered many students who like writing comedy scripts because it’s FUN. I’ve always been passionate about making films about social awareness because I believe it’s important to talk about it. Films can be used not only to educate people but to let them know shit like this happens and while we can’t entirely stop it, we can play a role in helping it.

Which is why I made a short film about anxiety attacks.

I think anxiety is so intricate because it’s so easily misunderstood for “Oh, you’re just overreacting. Calm yourself down.” Well, if it was so easy, anxiety wouldn’t be an issue at all. Just saying.

But no, people need to be educated that anxiety attack is REAL AF. It could come at any time of the day and linger, leaving you feeling insane and breathless.

Most often than not, people are not overreacting or stressing out for no reason. It’s legit and sometimes they need others to see that they’re experiencing an anxiety attack. Their struggle is real.

Don’t ignore it or brush it off just because you’re NOT the one experiencing it.


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