Photo Diary: Andy Warhol x Ai Wei Wei

The collaboration between these two artists almost made no sense to me at first. I felt like they were scraping for details on trying to get Ai Wei Wei’s work to tie in with Warhol’s.

Warhol’s work was colourful, bright and bold. A lot of it centred around popular people, brands and symbols of his era.

His drafts were messy and childlike. They gave me a huge insight into the mind of Andy Warhol. There was something almost innocent in the way he saw the world in blocks of colour.

Wei Wei’s works, on the other hand, although beautifully crafted and sometimes quite abstract in meaning, had to do with a lot of rebellion against authority. He greatly opposed communism and many of the pieces in the gallery were created to educate people against it.

My favourite bits of the exhibition were interactive with many of Warhol and Wei Wei’s pieces coming to life in dark rooms, computer screens and to-scale replicas of some of the art works. I connected deeply on another level with Wei Wei when I found that he too is a cat lover like me. There was an entire section at the end of the exhibition dedicated to his love for the fluffy, carefree animals.

I think although this was a strange collaboration, that in the end, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and learnt a great lot about the two artists – their backgrounds and personal views of the world.

Photos by Zoé Ng + Onny Ng


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