Eyebrows On Fleek

It’s 2016 and people are still going on about on fleek eyebrows.

In my opinion, your eyebrows complete your entire makeup look. Some people may say it’s your lashes or your lips, but to me, you can rock a makeup look with no mascara on and a coat of lip balm.

However, if you have naked brows, your face is practically bare too, sis. The key to filling in your eyebrows is to always keep in mind that your brows are sisters, not twins.

So it’s perfectly OK if your left brow is more on fleek than the other. Saja nak sedapkan hati. There are so many ways to achieve the perfect brow. You can choose to go with the feathered look or a clean look.

Mine falls somewhere in between. Of course, since this is how I do my brows, you don’t have to follow the exact same steps I do.

Things you will need:

  • Dark brown eyeshadow (or any shade of eyeshadow that is similar to your brows)
  • Nyx Wonder Pencil (it really does give it’s name justice)
  • Spooled brush
  • Angled brush



Know the natural shape of your brows. I don’t like to overdraw my brows as I already have naturally thick eyebrows.



Comb through your brows so you don’t mess up the shape when you’re filling them in.



Outline your brow so as to not “colour” outside the lines. Easy, right?

Note: Use a very light hand when drawing in. You want your brows to blend with the rest of your face, not stand out like in the cartoons.



Take your spooled and comb through the eyeshadow. Distribute the product across the hairs. This gives it a more natural look.




Once you’re happy with how they look, conceal them. This is what makes it “on-fleek”. I just conceal/highlight my brow bone to make it look cleaner.

OPTIONAL*: I like to highlight my brows with either a matte white eyeshadow or a shimmer highlighter.


Done! Was that not easy?

If you’re lazy like me, skip step #5. They’ll still look pretty sleek. Good luck and most importantly, have fun with it.

I used to stress out over my brows so much, which made me dread putting makeup on. Now it’s my favourite part. I hope with this mini tutorial, it will be yours too.



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