C.T.; E.A.: Date Under RM10

Her: Our editor gave us a challenge of going on a date with only RM10. Obviously this excluded meals, transportation, etc. It was great because we’re broke as fuck.

So, at the time, Kai and I were cracking our heads thinking about what we were going to do. Then I remembered that I saw a kawaii photo booth at an arcade that I’ve been dying to go to. Spoiler alert: it was out of service.

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Him: I’m not gonna lie, I was really excited when Tasha told me she wanted to go to an arcade for our next date. I think I will always be a little boy at heart, so how can I say no to playing games? Come on.

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Her: I was really bummed that we couldn’t take photos at the photo booth but we bought tokens anyways. The first game we played was fucking cool. It was a 4D zombie game!

You could feel the zombie’s breath and the whole booth would vibrate whenever a bomb hit or something. Think Left 4 Dead, but better. It’s a bummer that you gotta pay to play whenever you lose, though.

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Him: Tasha passed the first game to me and it was some 4D shit zombie game. I don’t fuck with that, man.

Her: Kai shat himself, lol.

Him: We made do with however many tokens we had left, so we played a race car game where I owned the game.

I’m never gonna take my words back when I say Tasha is a horrible driver. Not because she’s a girl, I just hate her driving haha.

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Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

Her: We even played some hoops and that was it, I guess. I had such a good time.

Kai and I haven’t done something like this in so long ever since we got back. We’ve been so busy what with my internship taking over my life and Kai’s part time job not being flexible with off days.

Him: We try to see each other once a week even if it’s for a few hours. Most of the time that’s the case.

We just watch Netflix and chill usually. Going to the arcade was a nice change, though, to what we usually do whenever we can see each other.


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