Regrets: University Edition

Last week, I graduated.

As a wave of congratulatory wishes continues, I feel nothing, despite being all smiles. 

My sense of relief was 11 months ago, after sitting for my last paper. Even then, it was just because I had no more ridiculous assignments to tend for and group discussions to deal with.

It was never because I felt like I’m ready to go out there and spread my knowledge and continue on in the industry.

I guess that’s what happens when you half-ass your tertiary path.

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Let me be honest with you: I chose my diploma course based on the pictures they had on the brochure. I chose my university just because I did not want to follow the footsteps of my sisters.

My default choice would be journalism, but take the road less taken, right?

You might be thinking that it’s a dumb move because it pretty much “defines” my future.

Before we get there, I just want to add that I was only about to turn 17 and it was only months after I finished high school. I was going through a rough patch, so I thought that I could just get my whole education life over and done with, ASAP.

So there was that.

After telling people that I was studying tourism, people automatically crack the most expected joke of how I’ll turn out to be a travel agent, tour guide, and the whole shebang.

It’s even worse when I took Event Management as my focus, because who actually sits down and study that, right?

Yes, if I studied the usual “heavier” majors, I could have. But really, that would just make matters worse.

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It was only in my last semester that I realised I should have gone for something legit, like Engineering or anything else in STEM. 

Man, my mom was so happy when she heard those words coming out of my mouth.

I realised that I saw little to no future in this line, and my whole tertiary education was a joke. Come to think of it, it really was, seeing how lightly I took my ‘future path’ in. 

I tell people not to live life with regrets, but this kind of is.

At the same time, despite taking my diploma and university choice very lightly, I can’t imagine myself doing anything else.

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If anything, my course mates and I are pretty much experts on general knowledge now. We’ve covered it all – law, marketing (tons), accounting, statistics, human resources, sociology. I still got to write, even more than what I bargained for.

I’m writing this right now for KUL and on top of that, writing is my job now.

I grew up and realised that university majors do not decide your future – you do. 

Your parents do not decide your path – you do. 

Your degree does not define your success – you do.

I took home important life lessons of never taking shit from anyone, be it controlling (ex-)boyfriends, immature classmates, or biased lecturers, dealing with classroom politics and drama, as well as being okay wherever it is you are. 

Why? Because you are where you’re supposed to be at that specific moment in time.

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Everything is meant to be. 

Maybe not forever, but just at that point in time. Don’t take university so seriously, kids. It’s more fun that way.


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